Translation of cyclotron in Spanish:


ciclotrón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsaɪkləˌtrɑn//ˈsʌɪklətrɒn/


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    ciclotrón masculine
    • Lawrence used his cyclotron to accelerate deuterons that were then crashed into sodium, producing a therapeutically useful radioisotope of sodium.
    • It was Ernest Orlando Lawrence who invented the first cyclotron back in 1930.
    • It was only in 1947 that German physicists were allowed to restart their only cyclotron, a small machine built as part of the wartime fission program at the University of Heidelberg.
    • Michigan State University is the site of a very powerful atom smasher, called a cyclotron.
    • The authors are to be commended for a clear and comprehensive description of how cyclotrons, originally used to study nuclear structure and interactions, were redeployed to treat cancer.
    • Perhaps the most important improvement has been the replacement of an electrical magnet with a series of permanent magnets to generate the cyclotron's magnetic field.
    • The first students to work on the cyclotron in the lab setting modified the magnet to better focus the proton beam.
    • The antiproton was produced when protons from a cyclotron were used to bombard a copper target.
    • The Berkeley cyclotron created many elements never found in nature - including plutonium, which directly follows neptunium in the periodic table.
    • The radioactive isotopes must be made in a cyclotron, and because of the short half-lives, the cyclotron must be located at the imaging facility site.