Translation of cynical in Spanish:


cínico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪnək(ə)l//ˈsɪnɪk(ə)l/


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    • I confess to a somewhat more cynical view of human nature than Mr. Wilkinson.
    • Residents will be wealthier, early retirement will be common and people will be better informed, but more cynical, distrusting and suspicious.
    • Glass concedes it is harder not to become more cynical about the game as he gets older.
    • One cynical commentator dismissed his promises on health and education as ‘not worth the paper they are printed on’.
    • At a time when the public is growing increasingly cynical about politics and politicians, all parties struggle for issues that allow them to take the moral high ground.
    • I read the rest of this report, looking at why we're increasingly cynical about elections and governments.
    • It's kind of sad that people are so skeptical and cynical of human decency and if they aren't, that they, at the least, don't believe in the ideal of it.
    • Americans tend to be pretty cynical about politicians and think corruption is widespread.
    • Outwardly tough, aloof and cynical, she does a good deal of nail-chewing and fiddling with a cigarette as she decides whether Jack can be trusted.
    • Australians are very cynical about the political process, and the extent to which secrecy and falsehood are used to justify policy decisions.
    • His limited opportunities add to his bitter, cynical attitude towards life.
    • Such cynical micro-analysts of human behaviour must suffer when the ravenous critic inevitably turns inward.
    • A lot of people are cynical and believe it's a money-making exercise, but it's not.
    • Is it cynical to believe that it was a political gesture and that the minister wanted the credit for driving down the oil price?
    • We don't have language even to describe it to each other, so sceptical and cynical of human motivation have we become, but we all know it when we meet it and it is the greatest of riches.
    • Many are cynical about democracy - they say it's a scam, and that the real decisions aren't taken in democratic institutions.
    • Of course, I have always been cynical of any reporting since everyone has a vested interest in something.
    • If I was cynical I would believe that he was trying to frighten us into compliance with his own authoritarian, dictatorial agenda.
    • Ranald observed that Claudio progresses from a cynical attitude toward marriage to an appreciation of its worth.
    • I've had a cynical attitude to relationships for 10 years.