Translation of dachshund in Spanish:


teckel, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɑksənd//ˈdɑksˌhʊnd//ˈdakshʊnd//ˈdaks(ə)nd/


  • 1

    teckel masculine
    perro salchicha masculine informal
    perra salchicha feminine informal
    • The second defendant has said that there are 18 dogs on the premises including five adult shepherd dogs, one poodle and the rest are adult dachshunds.
    • He glanced down toward the end of the bed, where Scottie, his miniature dachshund was sound asleep.
    • And now I am off to Crete, hoping that our house-sitters will cherish my goldfish, giant African landsnail and sea-monkeys (the dachshunds are at the in-laws).
    • These days, specially trained dogs - usually dachshunds - do the dirty work.
    • Our intrepid troopers had put down a 20-inch super rat, described as ‘vicious as a fighting dog and as big as a dachshund.’
    • Pekinese, bearded collies, dachshunds and Yorkshire terriers were among the 260 dogs seized at a single house in Lancashire last month.
    • Many sources suggest early breeders incorporated dachshunds and Italian greyhounds into their breeding programs.
    • If variety isn't the answer, then the key to the dachshund's popularity must be stature, for the dachshund is a small dog only in size.
    • I have eight identical canvas tote bags printed with a portrait of Flossie, my dachshund.
    • ‘Excuse me, young man, would you put your dog on a lead,’ I recently suggested to a traveller, whose snarling lurcher was baring its fangs at my dachshund.
    • He shares his house with two dachshunds, one of which is seeing a chiropractor for some back problems he's developed.
    • To find models, she posted a request on Craigslist for fit, well-behaved and well-groomed dachshunds, a strategy that provided mixed results.
    • The first official Olympic mascot dates back to the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich with Waldi the dachshund, a popular Bavarian dog.
    • The dachshunds, terriers and poodles of the world have waged a high-tech war against the Siamese, Persian and tabbies.
    • Therefore, Kressant and Carolina, both 14-year-old young ladies, took Sparky, our twelve-pound dachshund, up the pier to the dog walk.
    • One of his four dogs, the long-haired dachshund, jumped up in my lap and we had a prolonged session of ear scratching.
    • We spent an entire rainy Saturday afternoon playing gin rummy at the house of my brother with the two children and three dachshunds.
    • Though he lives alone with his dachshund, it appears that he has an engaged existence, enjoying frequent contact with and occasional visitors from the city.
    • The ISPCA received more than 3,000 calls to its National Animal Helpline from the public anxious to house the 110 dachshunds rescued in that raid.
    • No memorial has yet been planned, but in tribute to the designer's love of dachshunds, any donations should be made to the Animal Medical Centre in New York.