Translation of daisy chain in Spanish:

daisy chain

guirnalda de margaritas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdeɪzi ˈˌtʃeɪn///


  • 1

    guirnalda de margaritas feminine
    • Then he'd made a daisy chain for me, put it around my head and kissed me under the hot sun.
    • Mary talked about making daisy chains and sliding down sand dunes in plastic bags.
    • I didn't have anymore money to spend, so I went out to the garden and made a daisy chain for my hair.
    • ‘Here, Daddy,’ Sophia declared, draping a daisy chain on his nose.
    • Children get great entertainment out of making a daisy chain, and afterwards wearing it as a necklace.
    • She stopped playing with her daisy chain and pulled Mat to his feet.
    • I was going to work on my daisy chain but someone's wrecked it.
    • After ten minutes they were just sitting in the garden, next to the bike, and making daisy chains in silence.
    • Maybe he could benefit from being one of the ‘people dancing around in circles, holding hands with daisy chains in their hair’.
    • We watch the absorbed way in which the children observe their mother make a daisy chain.
    • I remembered the way that she would make daisy chains for the two of us, and we would pretend that she was the Flower Queen, and I, her Flower Princess.
    • Each child is represented by a dove, and all are linked by the innocent childhood symbol of the daisy chain.
    • It looked like the sort of weather that would make you want to frolic in fields and make daisy chains.
    • A couple of children played by the roadside, weaving daisy chains and draping them over one another.
    • Alonzo threw a daisy chain into Molly's lap.
    • After making daisy chains in the park, we return to the hotel.
    • In your ideal fantasy world there will be people dancing around in circles, holding hands with daisy chains in their hair.
    • Ryder tied the two ends of her daisy chain together to make a loop and sat it up on her head like a crown.
    • I need someone to walk to the park with me and play on the swings or lie in the grass making daisy chains.
    • On Empire Day, all the children wore red, white and blue ribbons in their hair and daisy chains around their necks and gathered in the playground to sing songs to an audience of parents.

transitive verb

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    (tipo margarita) enlazar en cadena
    • Also remember that the USB connection can be daisy-chained and can support up to 127 USB peripherals.
    • So for the moment my computer is hooked up to the router with ethernet, and Abi's laptop is daisy-chained to mine with the wireless cards.
    • What this means is there is no need for crossover cables that are normally required when daisy-chaining networking devices.
    • You can simply daisy chain your devices, which can effectively support a maximum or 63 devices in total.
    • Wouldn't it be cool if you could daisy-chain speaker connections?