Translation of damn in Spanish:


condenar, v.

Pronunciation /dæm//dam/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1Religion

      • If God was so loving why were people who committed suicide immediately damned to hell.
      • Mephistophilis is one of the angels who conspired with Lucifer and was damned to hell.
      • Faustus is ultimately damned and falls to hell.
      • Those who receive the mark, according to Scripture, are damned to eternal punishment.
      • Though I am not a Christian, because of my experience I can honestly say I know what it feels like to be eternally damned.

    • 1.2(condemn)

      he damned himself by his actions sus propias acciones lo condenaron

    • 1.3(doom to failure)

      the project was damned from the start el proyecto estaba condenado al fracaso desde un principio
      • This isn't to say the project was damned, but rather the fact that it's more difficult to create a compelling work when it's based on music with no clear emotional ambit.
      • Where the substance is glorified in this disc, the style, unfortunately, is damned.
      • It was not the country that was damned but the settler who felt in his heart that he was damned.

  • 2informal

    (God) damn it (all)! ¡caray! informal euphemistic
    • damn it to hell! ¡por todos los demonios!
    • damn and blast! ¡diantre!
    • she's taken my key, damn her! ¡la imbécil esa se llevó mi llave!
    • It was now or never… Just like the Elvis song.… silently, he damned his mother's Elvis collection.
    • For one short moment I damned them, damned their eyes, and wished their farm machine a rapid and terminally rusty death.
    • Weep, said the illustrious poet, for they are damned until mankind has lived for three several generations, perfectly in harmony, peace and love, without discord.
    • Then Rome damned Carthage and condemned it to death.
    • He damned himself for being in love with a woman who had no love for him in return, only ambition to rule a poverty-stricken country with a dictator as a husband.
    • As I sat there, damning and condemning myself, the same two words floated through my mind over and over again.
    • And, as a parable, we should all be careful what we damn in public.
    • He felt the pain in the shoulder, where the arrow had hit him, and he damned his ship, his fate, the entire curse of his life.
    • She damned herself, she had forgotten her father was going to be home all day today.
    • I damned myself for become so wrapped up in the conversation.
    • Winded for a moment, he pulled himself up, damned himself for an old fool, and tried to get back to his feet.



  • 1

    it doesn't matter a damn to her a ella le importa un bledo informal



  • 1

    ¡caray! informal euphemistic
    ¡carajo! vulgar slang



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    condenado informal
    maldito informal
    pinche Mexico informal
    it's a damn nuisance! ¡es un latazo! informal
    • it's a damn shame es una verdadera lástima
    • ‘I was so disgusted that I deleted the damn e-mail before I read it,’ the Republican said.
    • The whole damn school system is inappropriate!
    • What the living hell am I doing in this damn silly job?
    • Even if it's thrown into the sea, the silly hare-brained hound brings the damn thing back.
    • So whether another frustrated art lover finally snapped and tore down the damn cover themselves, I don't know.
    • I just wished that Damon would open the damn door and end her anger.
    • It's silly, really, how attached I was to the damn thing, but most little kids do love animals to death, so I suppose it was only natural.
    • Sometimes letting the anger out, and not bottling it up inside feels damn good.
    • You better be damn careful about using that word.
    • Personally, I still think our best hope is that the producers can afford some computer effects and some damn good lighting.
    • This entire damn neighborhood is uphill, I thought.
    • I spent another fifteen minutes looking for the damn socket slowly becoming more and more frustrated.
    • No disrespect to anyone, but £210 a week for only working 17.5 hours is pretty damn good - it works out at about £12 an hour!
    • The US has the best damn government money can buy.
    • There's enough bad publicity about this damn silly event without you adding to it.
    • Trent looked at me curiously as I had to control my anger and keep myself from breaking the damn phone.
    • However, your second thought upon looking at the brochure was probably: ‘This looks like a damn good collection of productions!’
    • Why is it that every time the phone rings my dogs start making a damn racket so I can't hear what the heck is being said?
    • Then, what happened next shocked, angered, and confused him, which is a whole damn lot for a simple guy to be feeling all at once.
    • All but two of the candidates have reasons to be damn frustrated.



  • 1

    she's damn clever es de lo más inteligente
    • you know damn well what I mean! ¡sabes de sobra lo que quiero decir!