Translation of damp in Spanish:


húmedo, adj.

Pronunciation: /damp//dæmp/


  • 1

    (house/clothing/air) húmedo
    there are damp patches on the ceiling hay manchas de humedad en el techo
    • the house smells damp la casa huele a humedad
    • With another sigh, she huddled closer to the trunk of the tree behind her, shivering slightly in the damp mist.
    • This morning I was wiping the table with a very slightly damp rag and noticed that the wax build-up was coming off.
    • Sarah grabbed his wet hand when they entered the forest, he shivered slightly in the damp atmosphere.
    • She tossed the bundle of slightly damp clothing into the general vicinity of the tent and sat down on the grass beside him.
    • The man in the mirror's blue-grey and slightly damp hair hung straight behind him, disappearing behind his bare shoulders.
    • Her hair was slightly damp from the long hours of tears and her tired, blue eyes were puffy.
    • Sweat drenched his body and there was a slightly damp patch on the sheet under him.
    • When working with the phyllo leaves, keep a slightly damp towel over the leaves you are not currently using - and work quickly.
    • She sat on the cold, slightly damp stone and let her cloak drop, watching as it billowed around her ankles like a cloud of thick black smoke.
    • They were followed by four very well dressed, slightly damp individuals, one of whom stepped wide around Jim as he passed.
    • I headed towards my favorite spot below the old weeping willow and sat on the slightly damp ground.
    • She pulled Millie over to the washbasin on the table and began to wrap her finger with a thin, slightly damp wash rag.
    • I padded quietly over to the door and opened it, looking up at Donovan's slightly damp face and hair.
    • An hour later, the slightly damp crew boarded the buses for the final leg home.
    • The tubers can then be stored in boxes - though not the crowns - and covered with slightly damp peat ready for planting next year.
    • Silently and with some relief, we exited and sat down on the slightly damp curb.
    • Preferring light shade and slightly damp soil, this evergreen form sends out new growth annually from the base of the plant.
    • Shaking her head, she sat herself down on a cold and slightly damp bench.
    • Knead well; let rise to double its size under a slightly damp towel in a warm place.
    • With her back on the slightly damp grass, Selina watched the scattered clouds float by.


  • 1

    humedad feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (vibration) amortiguar
  • 2

    (fire) sofocar
  • 3

    (enthusiasm/excitement) apagar
    (excitement/enthusiasm) enfriar
  • 4

    (ironing) humedecer
    (ironing) mojar