Translation of dangle in Spanish:


colgar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdaŋɡ(ə)l//ˈdæŋɡəl/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (key/leg) colgar
    (key/leg) pender
    • He made his way towards her and sat on the swing beside her, his legs dangling, his toes gently scuffing the grass, as he made no effort to swing, only sway lightly.
    • Gasping loudly and making a grab for a near by branch she caught herself just in time and dangled loosely from it.
    • Her sword dangled loosely from her hand, but it didn't seem like she was dropping it any time soon.
    • With her head lowered, the girl shuffled on down into the halls, her hands dangling loosely by her sides.
    • He put her limp left arm across her body so that it wouldn't dangle loosely, harming the joint, and lifted her up.
    • The point of attaching the parachute bridle to the carabineer is that then you can dangle from the hang glider as you come down under chute.
    • He hung from the crossbar, his legs dangling uselessly in mid air.
    • She makes no effort to hide the coils that dangle loosely at her side.
    • From the long tapering fingers of her right hand a golden chain dangled and swinging idly from its end hung a small iridescent vial.
    • The decision made, he turned and swaggered out of the door, idle hands swinging and dangling as he strode manfully toward the stairwell.
    • She found Cousin sitting on the steps of the front porch hands dangling loosely on his knees.
    • A dozen gold chandeliers, with no doubt real crystals dangling from them, hung from the ceiling.
    • His raven hair dangled loosely in front of his face as he remained where he was, refusing to move.
    • Yesterday, while finishing off my accounts, I looked up to find a pair of legs dangling outside the window.
    • A white pearl necklace hung about her neck while pearl earrings dangled from her ear lobes.
    • She promptly sat down at the end of the pier, her legs dangling off the end as she swung them slightly.
    • Idande was sitting not far from me on the chimney, raised above my head, his legs dangling and swinging gently like a child might sit.
    • Eric had no tie on, and his friend had his loosely dangling from his neck.
    • Jamie lay on the bed, a lit cigarette dangling loosely from the corner of his mouth.
    • The clothes are tight, earrings dangling from their ears.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (allow to hang loosely)
    (suspended object/string) hacer oscilar
  • 2

    (hold out)
    he dangled the possibility of promotion in front of her quiso tentarla con la posibilidad de un ascenso