Translation of dappled in Spanish:


rodado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdapld//ˈdæp(ə)ld/


  • 1

    (horse/coat) rodado
    (horse/coat) pinto
    • Everywhere the wide-spreading branches of giant ancient trees create havens of dappled light.
    • The mural's figures, which appear in silhouette under rays of dappled sunlight, have faded badly.
    • Nam's yard sat soft-lit under a few swinging lanterns amid dappled shade from the trees.
    • In their native habitat they grow in dappled light.
    • They like heavy, neutral to alkaline soil in dappled shade sheltered from cold winds.
    • She looked at the gently flowing stream at her feet, watching the dappled sunlight wink upon the water.
    • In my mind's eye, I amble gently through a dappled forest.
    • Shafts of sunlight filter through the trees to throw dappled reflections on the mossy boulders.
    • The round tables are covered with white tablecloths under dappled sunlight.
    • The number of black bulls was one-quarter plus one-fifth the dappled bulls plus the brown bulls.
    • Swinging gently in my hammock, gazing out through the dappled veil of my mosquito net, I watch a magical scene.
    • In an open gallery, massive tribal deities loom under the shafts of dappled evening light.
    • We spot my grandmother's purple dress, outlined in pale, dappled moonlight, moving about.
    • In a few moments both were sleeping in the dappled shade.
    • Deer, now busy with their young, didn't mind the quiet rest in dappled shadow.
    • Multiple strips of horizontal glazing give fascinating dappled light within.
    • The number of black cows was one-quarter plus one-fifth the total of the dappled.
    • Emily sits in a stream, covered by a half-submerged parachute, illuminated by dappled light coming through a tree.
    • Keep plants in a fairly shaded place (full shade for half the day or dappled shade all day).
    • Use shade-tolerant varieties in areas with dappled shade or part sun.
  • 2

    (appearance/color) moteado
    (light/pattern) veteado