Translation of darkness in Spanish:


oscuridad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɑrknəs//ˈdɑːknəs/


  • 1

    (of night, room)
    oscuridad feminine
    the building was in complete / total darkness el edificio estaba totalmente a oscuras
    • in the darkness en la oscuridad / lo oscuro
    • when darkness falls al caer la noche
    • Stepping carefully from the end of the tunnel into near total darkness Reed followed a pinprick of light.
    • The kingdom had fallen silent as the darkness of night filled the sky.
    • The men later move to the porch when darkness falls, apparently taking advantage of the cool night weather.
    • It was a bright white light that appeared to come out of total darkness.
    • It tries to avoid both strong light and total darkness.
    • The planes have been landing under the cover of darkness, at night.
    • Our little party arrived in the bay in darkness last night, from Tobermory harbour.
    • They were flown in total darkness without lights and reference points.
    • That night they stopped and made camp just before the impending darkness fell over them for the night.
    • In return, he slept with them in the long winter nights of deep darkness, when the temperatures plummeted.
    • After being in total darkness for three hours, the light is stunning.
    • Rather it kept itself to itself but it was there in the early morning, in the mist, and it was there late in the evening just as darkness was falling.
    • Marin flipped off the light switch, leaving the room bathed in total darkness, but for the soft light of a glowing nightlight in the corner.
    • As darkness fell the following night, the same operation was repeated, netting an additional 84 arrests.
    • As he turned off the engine, and then the parking lights, Andrew was enveloped in almost total darkness.
    • Suddenly, the lights shut off, throwing the room into total darkness.
    • They made their way down, in total darkness, until the gray light began to present itself.
    • The three-day Leeds Festival kicked off with some of the world's loudest bands - but no serious trouble before darkness fell last night.
    • Though it was night and darkness had fallen, she could still make out one building, blazing like hellfire.
    • The darkness of the night is offset by the full moon and the traditional ahals are lit at every traditional home.
    • But the lift stopped between floors, and the lights went off - we were plunged into total darkness.
    • Now, if this bird were to fly over your head, Larry, three inches in the total darkness, you would never even know it flew over your head.
    • All the stations are practically in darkness & lights are only strong enough for the porters etc. to just see what they are doing.
    • The water disappeared with a mildly worrying groaning noise and the lights went out, leaving the non-windowed bathroom in total darkness.
    • The interior of the house was in total darkness, the only source of light coming from a lamp hanging from the back porch.
    • In the evening, darkness fell early, and the chill in the air signified the onset of fall.
    • The water is tannic, containing a brown-green stain which blocks out the light; below 10m, you're in total darkness.
    • Police called off co-ordinated searches for the men last night as darkness fell.
    • As darkness fell that summer evening, a none-too-subtle rustling was seen in the trees and bushes at the edge of our camp site.
    • They lay there, in the partial darkness, the only light being the moonlight through the tin slits in her blinds.
    • The bottomless pit is the earth in total darkness with no light from the sun, every island destroyed, the earth's surface broken up.
    • In the November darkness numerous candles were lit and placed around the entrance of the decaying art deco building as Ms Vine and her acolytes gathered around.
    • The main school building and a nearby pre-fab were broken into under the cover of darkness on Friday night last.
    • Night fell in full force, and they were left in total darkness, the only light being from the moon above.
    • When darkness fell on the second night they scaled the wall of their compound, jumped over unseen and walked through a bustling market place before escaping into the jungle.
    • The darkness of the night erupted into an amber sunrise as the boulder held back the sudden blast of flames.
    • WHEN I finally arrived at Nanxi River, everything was in darkness except for the light cast by street lamps and the stars above.
    • Long they fought, after the dying sun had fallen from the sky, into the endless darkness of the long night.
    • For four days after Katrina hit, the city of New Orleans fell into complete darkness after sunset.
    • As there are no street-lights, they often walk at night in darkness, risking their lives.
  • 2

    tinieblas feminine
    the powers of darkness los poderes del mal
    • I don't want to sound like a preacher, but there is no way that this can continue and I for one am not going to bend over to these forces of darkness.
    • The gothic culture leads young, susceptible minds into an imagined world of evil, darkness, and violence.
    • The reaction to the show at the time was that many people phoned the police and warned them that the forces of darkness had been unleashed upon the nation.
    • Those qualities - darkness and humanness - would become common themes in his work.
    • The Bible has a lot to say about darkness - about human wickedness and savagery and indifference.
    • Stephen Lewis speaks to the exorcist whose fight against the forces of darkness reaches the nation's TV screens tonight.
    • In some contexts, black represents darkness, evil, death, and defilement.
    • This awakening symbolises the triumph of good, winning against the evil forces of darkness that are represented by the winter.
    • This classic meditation on the forces of darkness and the struggle to contain them makes the heart glad and the nerves tingle.
    • The hero triumphs, finds himself a good woman, and defeats the forces of darkness.
    • It scared her the way she would crave that darkness, the wickedness, the evil forces.
    • It will be like a spiritual spring clean, and nothing of darkness or evil will dwell in there again.
    • He grows up in a secret government agency, being educated and trained as a defender against the forces of darkness.
    • Errand's contest between humanity and the forces of darkness is one of the seminal dance/theater portraits of the age.
    • The enemy is alien, the forces of darkness rather than one's own kind.
    • This statement undoubtedly means that the angels are ruled, controlled, and dominated by darkness and wickedness until the judgement day.
    • The only way to unlock the evil powers of Bos Kreuz was to let the evil and darkness of the sword corrupt you and let it take hold of your soul.
    • One has an awful feeling that the forces of darkness are going to win here.
    • One can only marvel at the fiendish and diabolical powers of darkness under Hillary's wicked command.
    • And we hold you up in pride as our symbol in the fight of Good against the forces of darkness and evil.