Translation of Darwinism in Spanish:


darvinismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɑːwɪnɪz(ə)m//ˈdɑrwəˌnɪzəm/


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    darvinismo masculine
    darwinismo masculine
    • Acceptance of Darwinism and rejection of religion were critical for the new movements of communism.
    • He seems to be saying that there is evolution but that Darwinism is not the explanation.
    • Could anyone be so nuts as to suggest that creationism and Darwinism be taught side by side, as competing theories of how we all got here?
    • The combination of Darwinism and molecular biology has created the orthodoxy known as neo-Darwinism.
    • The way the tail grows could prove Darwinism and evolution or prove it totally wrong!
    • How can the evolution of human ethics be reconciled with Darwinism?
    • I can't think of any theory as broad as Darwinism or Freudianism that could be falsified directly.
    • Science fiction is firmly rooted in Darwinism and presents a distorted view of reality.
    • It was inevitable that Darwinism and its later development into the science of genetics should face fierce opposition from theologians.
    • He singles out Dawkins as promoting the view that Darwinism is a Universal Explanation of Everything.
    • For us as scientists, natural selection and Darwinism are essentially synonymous.
    • As Fuller sees it, Darwinism is being taught as dogma and intelligent design acts as a ‘critical foil’ to those ideas.
    • The Christians seem to be allowed less difficulty in accepting evolutionism in general and Darwinism in particular.
    • There are many Christian evolutionists, and many ways to reconcile Christianity with Darwinism.
    • Among the things that Darwinism made were behaviours, which are predispositions to react in certain ways.
    • Margulis and Sagan say that Darwinism never really addresses where new species come from.
    • The big bang and Darwinism are two halves, physical and biological, of an atheistic origins myth.
    • My position is that there isn't a necessary connection between Darwinism and atheism.
    • They say that Darwinism is not about how life got started, but rather, how life evolved.
    • The second of the central tenets of classical Darwinism is the unfettered efficacy of natural selection.