Translation of dash in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /dæʃ//daʃ/


  • 1

    (sudden movement)
    to make a dash for safety/shelter correr a ponerse a salvo/a cobijarse
    • he made a dash for freedom intentó escaparse
    • everyone made a dash for the exit todos se precipitaron hacia la salida
    • to make a dash for it salir a toda mecha
    • I don't know how many times a strap has slipped off my shoulder or a handle cut into my hand during a mad dash from one gate to another at some airport.
    • The new initiative comes just months after a defendant leapt over the dock at Southend court and made a dash for freedom.
    • Excitable children made a dash for the first row, only to be pushed back by equally enthusiastic adults.
    • If you live in the woods and haven't planned how you'd make a fast dash in the face of a wildfire, you've got some thinking to do.
    • I made a dash for the door, and as I did I triggered the electronic video sensors at the store entrance, which wailed tumultuously as I broke out onto the street.
    • Kevin made a mad dash for the passageway as the room imploded.
    • Winger Chris Watts was soon in action with a determined touchline dash as the second half began and Sinfield was again to the fore with a barging 20-metre burst.
    • I autographed some books, including McTeer's, posed for a few photos, and, running late for my plane, made a dash for the exit.
    • Other people leave it until the train has stopped, everyone else has already got on and off, and then they make a mad dash for the door, just passing through as the doors begin to close again.
    • As the robbers made a dash for it, he escaped into his business premises and closed the burglar-proof roll shutters.
    • If the couple had stayed in their room they would probably have survived, he said, but because they made a dash for it they fell unconscious after a few paces because of the high levels of fumes.
    • Even without the need to keep on the lookout for the neighbors as I made a mad dash to a waiting taxi, the boardinghouse had become nothing more than a crash pad.
    • I was amazed when, after the movie, instead of everyone making a mad dash to the door, most remained seated, simply starring up at the credits on the screen.
    • Then just after 3.30 pm, a group of people shepherding a woman with a coat over her head appeared at the hotel door and made a dash for a waiting car.
    • Then quick dash round downstairs, pick up some tops, ostensibly for work, but probably unsuitable with those necklines, and home within two hours of leaving the office.
    • So there's a mad dash to the kitchen with me rummaging through every cupboard and drawer imaginable to find a damn cork screw.
    • I dragged him outside and started shutting all the doors and windows - He just looked at me horrified and made a mad dash back inside.
    • Upon hearing this Lexy turned away and started towards the bathroom wanting desperately wanting to make her walk into a mad dash.
    • As the prisoner and his escort left the car, O'Reilly made a dash for freedom by skipping over a fence and jumping into the sea.
    • That only left time to visit the tearooms for a superb Devonshire cream tea, before the heavens opened again, and we made a dash for the car.
  • 2

    (small amount)
    poquito masculine
    a dash of vinegar un poquito / unas gotas de vinagre
    • a dash of pepper una pizca de pimienta
    • a dash of milk un chorrito de leche
    • dark hair with a dash of grey pelo entrecano
    • All that is charming about Australian wine, with a dash of sophistication.
    • Kittichai brings a taste of Bangkok, with a dash of international fusion, to Soho.
    • Like many a group before them, they had met at art school, and not surprisingly they added a dash of colour to both their image and music.
    • Pastry - beat 125g butter with 50g golden syrup and a dash of lemon juice until light and fluffy.
    • For a quick and easy sauce I add two tablespoons of Frank's Red Hot with Lime, one tablespoon of tomato paste, a pinch of salt and a dash of vinegar.
    • A dash of yoghurt, a splash of honey, a mask of egg white and the kiss of other life giving substances left my skin glowing.
    • Like most everything in Russia these days, the event had a whiff of great import with a big dash of farce.
    • A Mochatail for those daring enough to drink one is a dash of espresso coffee, sprinkled with chocolate cookie, topped with whipped cream.
    • Every morning before breakfast, comb hair, apply makeup, a dash of cologne, and perhaps some simple earrings.
    • Rood sounds like it belongs in ‘84-a bit o’ punk, a dash of watered-down new wave and a pinch of pop.
    • Add a dash of lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste
    • Then add traditional English Christmas songs and carols, stir in a dash of humour and a pinch of pantomime and sprinkle with magic-dust.
    • Produced from a blend of the native Nero d' Avola and Frappato grapes with just a dash of Cabernet Sauvignon, this has deep dark secrets that unfold easily in your glass.
    • The latest trend in interior design seems to suggest that there is nothing like a dash of antiquity to lend beauty and elegance to a room.
    • The dip, composed of vinegar, a splash of soy sauce and a dash of red chili, could use a certain extra something to give it more of a zing, as the roll was in need of a little something to wake up the taste buds.
    • But the white powder you mix up yourself with water, supplemented with a dash of UniBond PVA adhesive, will solve most household filling problems.
    • Niewoudt and Theron did nothing worse than slip a little green pepper extract and a dash of fruit juice flavourant into the tanks when nobody was looking.
    • Develop/wash in a flat-bottomed tray containing water with a dash of washing-up liquid added.
    • ‘The students come in and have a treble vodka with a dash of Corky's and a dash of coke, for £3.50,’ said Arthur.
    • You can bet that nuance of orange in your ice-cream owes more to a dash of Grand Marnier than to a squeeze of the real thing.
    • The score relies on a tried-and-true recipe to generate suspense: a little bit of Psycho, a pinch of Jaws, a dash of sweeping melody.
    • Every track is distinct from the last with its added dash of Erasure magic installed within.
    • East of the beach is Udder Delight, a unique St. Thomas dairy serving creamy milkshakes with a dash of Cruzan rum, a longtime local tradition.
    • To produce a working product, engineers at the United Arab Emirates University in Al-Ain added a dash of methanol and a catalyst to the jojoba oil.
    • This recipe, provided by the Alberta Turkey Producers, spikes a stock made from the Christmas turkey carcass with herbs and a dash of hot pepper sauce.
    • The answer is to spice up the dish with a pinch of sex and add a dash of glamour in the shape of actress Diane Lane.
    • We appreciated just how well milk, chocolate powder (if tastes allow, a dash of coffee) go with rum or vodka, a cold shake with a kick.
    • The meet and the hunt provided a dash of colour in the lives of all during the otherwise drab British winter.
    • Ingredients: the usual flour, eggs, milk, yeast, etc. - plus a dash of 7UP to help the yeast rise.
    • In addition to the lemon juice, you can use a dash of vinegar to pep up bland leaves (although if you've grown your own, you won't have to).
  • 3

    • 3.1(punctuation mark)

      guión masculine
      • I turn off nearly every automatic feature there is, from conversion of hyphens to appropriate dashes, to AutoCorrect and AutoFormat.
      • Consigned to the unlovely basket are colons and semicolons, and dashes and parentheses.
      • This book's a success, it's true, even though it's about commas, apostrophes, colons, dashes and other marks.
      • Remember, when copying a site's URL from the newspaper or other media you need to get the URL correct - no spaces, dashes and capital letters only where noted.
      • Their use of the dash in the letters seems consistent with its use in much nineteenth - century correspondence.
      • If you don't know whether or not to use a colon, a semicolon, or a dash, cut that sentence down!
      • Consider for a start all finite sequences of the twenty six letters of the English alphabet, the ten digits, a comma, a full stop, a dash and a blank space.
      • Modern editors turn to dashes and exclamation marks to transcribe these rapid changes in thought and speech.
      • She answered in a fluently written letter punctuated by dashes about the death of her husband.
      • Often their three lines are split into two parts, by a colon or a dash, with an imaginative distance between the two sections.
      • Dots and dashes make all the difference to a website address - as Colchester Council is just discovering.
      • In less formal writing, the dash is often a catch-all mark to take the place of both colon and semicolon, obviating the need to distinguish them or think about more subtle kinds of punctuation.

    • 3.2(in Morse code)

      raya feminine
      • Perhaps the most famous coding is Morse Code, which converts letters of the alphabet into series of dots and dashes.
      • It works like Morse code, which is a way to transmit the alphabet over radio waves using dots (short beeps) and dashes (long beeps).
      • The sound of the dots and dashes of the radio range in my earphones, and the instrument panel was my whole world.
      • Both transmitted in simplified Morse code, one solely dots, the other solely dashes.
      • Morse Code uses a series of dots and dashes to transmit and receive messages.
      • The radio operator tuned in to the appropriate Sonne station, counted the number of dots or dashes heard, and referred these to a special map to read off the bearing.
      • Today, when we think of telegraphs we think of electric telegraphs, we think of wires and Morse code and dots and dashes and telegrams and that sort of thing.

  • 4

    (spirit, nerve)
    brío masculine
    to play/perform with dash tocar/actuar con brío
    • to cut a dash llamar la atención
    • From freaky fêtes to wacky races, we British will be dispersing across the country with our trademark enthusiasm, eccentricity and, on occasion, a dash of style.
    • A London journalist has summed up the divergencies of the eight teams concerned in the current cup ties in this way: Aston Villa - Clever without much dash or abandon.
    • If the winners emerge with some dash in their style, they may also have to contend with being All-Ireland favourites.
    • Kilcummin were confounding the critics as they played with dash and flair, first to every ball as they attacked in waves.
    • Brimming with this new dash of energy, Darteil just needed one more psychological push.
    • And to add extra dash Willie has Alexander Banquet vying for honours as well…
    • We wouldn't have been surprised to see them the next day disporting themselves on the golf course or the Tennis court with equal verve and dash.
    • Two others who played a huge role for Naomh Eoin were wingbacks Johnny Murphy and John Cleary who flanked the steady Niall Foley with style and dash.
    • As it happens, Dreamers of the Day is turning out to be magical realism, but in a very flat midwestern way with a whole lot of realism and just a rather bemused dash of magical.
    • The Stoltzmans played it with dash and brio to spare.
    • Combined with driving large timber trucks, these things define a certain kind of dash among young Kayan men.
    • But at its best, especially in the fiction, there is a fantastic sense of energy, intellectual fearlessness, contingency, reckless dash.
    • A politician of flair and dash and, when roused by the occasion, an impressive parliamentary speaker, Derby never realized the early promise of his career.
    • Portlaoise are still missing the style and dash that won them so many admirers as they swept through Laois and Leinster and contested an All Ireland club final this year.
    • It is cute, astute, cerebral football, a mirror image of their studious manager though with an added dash of style and panache.
    • For some onlookers it will not be enough merely for Brazil or Germany to win the World Cup trophy tonight, they will have had to do it with dash and style.
    • It is these characteristics that give these Mozart performances, with the violinist doubling as soloist and director of the OAE, such dash and vitality.
    • Indeed, he did not have his father's dash, his abilities as a military commander, his diplomatic skill or his immense intellect.
    • An all-time Parsi eleven would open with Engineer and Contractor, dash at one end, caution at the other.
  • 5

    carrera feminine
    the 100m dash los 100m planos
    • The money was generated from the seventh annual ‘Wiener Dog Challenge,’ in which Dachshunds compete in a series of 70-yard dashes.
    • He runs two 40-yard dashes, and the scouts huddle to compare their stopwatches.
    • Mornings can feel like a 50-yard dash, racing from the gym to the kids' school to the workplace.
    • Today we get to run the dashes and do pole vaults and other stuff.
    • At the Indianapolis combine, only three cornerbacks ran four 40-yard dashes in the 4.3s.
    • Clarett ran two 40-yard dashes, the official times of which have yet to come out.
    • Canty took his from a crisp 100m in 11.5sec and Stevens matched this from his 11.4sec hurdles dash.
    • He runs the fastest 40-yard dash of any defensive tackle, 4.85 seconds.
    • On the men's side, Adrian Blair had a fifth-place finish in the first heat of the 60m dash with a time of 7.25 seconds.
    • He has taken part in every event from the 100 m dash to a 42-km marathon.
    • Surprisingly, his interest in sports sparked off as recently as 1995, when a friend enrolled him in a 100 m dash, in which he won.
    • Jason Fedee won the men's 100 metre dash with Mandela Clifford second.
    • He has won two silver medals in 100m dash, four silver medals and bronze medals in javelin throw and discus throw in national-level competitions.
    • The country's leading sprinters kick off the heats with the 50m dash - a tough line-up to just make the semi-final among the men.
    • He ran track and held records in both the 100 and 200-yard dashes.
    • The 1200 metre dash will contain a top class field.
    • He passed Monday's test - a triple jump off either leg to display his right leg was as strong as his left and three timed 40-yard dashes.
    • The competition was not all for students - teachers also got in on the act when they competed in a 100-meter dash.
    • Yanes has qualified in the men's 100m dash and the 4x100m relay, along with Sukari, Subakir and John Murray.
    • Chris Strickland, a member of the Mohegan tribe, will throw the javelin, shot put and discus and run the 100-meter dash.

    de poca distancia

  • 6

    embate masculine
  • 7informal

    Motor Vehicles
    tablero (de mandos) masculine
    salpicadero masculine Spain
    • The driver flipped a control on his dash and a green light appeared.
    • I like the style of the interior, but the location of the dials in the middle of the dash is not good.
    • A long dashboard reaches deep into the sloping windscreen with almost none of the bonnet visible as you peer over the dash.
    • The steering wheel and the dash are also made of the light and very strong material which has been used in Formula one since 1988.
    • The sat nav, which slides out of the top of the dash Bond-style, can be a bit tricky to read sometimes and the controls - located on the back of the steering wheel - are a bit fiddly.
    • Wash and polish the bodywork, clean and polish the wheels to get rid of any engrained brake dust, vacuum and shampoo the interior and give the dash and steering wheel a good buffing.
    • The oblong LCD panel perched on top of the dash displays the sat nav instructions.
    • This is enlivened by Mondial blue flourishes on the dash, sports steering wheel and gearstick, and the same drilled aluminium pedals as the 172.
    • The dash is nicely finished in silver metal effect and there are plenty of cubbyholes for storage, even a shelf above the driver's head, although the glovebox is tiny.
    • The on-off switch should be mounted in a convenient location on the dash and within your reach.
    • The dash is neatly laid out and a pop-up panel houses the screen for the sat nav which can be tilted to remove glare.
    • Power windows, locks and mirrors and CD in the dash, are very upscale options for that little bit of cash.
    • Those trademark Smart eye-like dials are there, protruding from the top of the dash, while the rest of the layout is well designed using good quality plastics.
    • You have to take your eyes off the road, look down to twiddle a knob then check the screen on the dash, all to find the right function.
    • I don't like the controls in the middle of the dash for the satellite navigation; they were horrible.
    • But the price for having those clever little electronic maps built into your dash is still far too high for true volume sales to take off.
    • Three pods in the centre of the dash house the primary instruments, while the minor controls are grouped together beneath them.
    • The dash layout is brilliant, with logically-placed controls and an uncluttered layout, but that's by-the-by.
    • Smart key technology is standard; engine start/stop is performed through a pushbutton on the dash.
    • If there is a pressure loss of 7 psi or more, then there is a warning light activated on the dash.

transitive verb

  • 1

    she dashed the plate to pieces hizo añicos / trizas el plato
    • the ship was dashed against the rocks el barco se estrelló contra las rocas
  • 2

    she dashed her face with water to refresh herself se echó agua en la cara para refrescarse
  • 3

    truncar literary
  • 4

    his hair was dashed with grey tenía el pelo entrecano / salpicado de gris
  • 5Britishdated


intransitive verb

  • 1

    I dashed to the rescue me lancé al rescate
    • she dashed out salió disparada
    • I'll just dash across the road for some milk voy en frente un minuto a comprar leche
    • to dash into/across the room entrar en/atravesar la habitación como una exhalación
    • I can't stay long, I must dash me voy corriendo, que estoy apurada
  • 2

    (waves) romper