Translation of dated in Spanish:


anticuado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdeɪdəd//ˈdeɪtɪd/


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    (fashion/word) anticuado
    his plays are dated sus obras han perdido actualidad
    • For many, religion per se has become a curious historical anachronism, a dated relic of the old days.
    • Redevelopment work which will transform the dated look of Manchester's Arndale Centre is well under way.
    • They also don't cram dated pop-culture in-jokes down your throat like some film companies do.
    • Despite years of evidence highlighting their failings, dogmatic adherence to dated ideology persists.
    • With a new version just around the corner, this version of MSN Messenger is starting to look a little dated.
    • The same dated movies play again and again.
    • One man, clad only in a pair of dated swim trunks, is slowly edging himself into the water.
    • That Frank Lloyd Wright building, its quaint oddness and dated vision of the future now strike me as the perfect temple for the spirit of Marin.
    • The songs sound great, and the dated visuals look as if they were shot only last week.
    • This film may now seem a little dated, but it is an interesting snapshot of the womens ' movement at that time.
    • The sound is adequate at best, with the fidelity issues common to dated mono tracks.
    • The only funny thing is the amount of processing power you need to render the dated graphics.
    • They found old computers with such dated software they can't access outside e-mail or even their Facebook pages.
    • Most of The Producers wallows in dated jokes that have lost their capacity to make a movie audience laugh out loud.
    • Do these investigations of the face and body reach beyond the obscure and dated science of Duchenne, Charcot and their followers?
    • They looked all wrong in their dated glass case.
    • It was an early piece fashioned after the dated design of a typical pay phone, was pleasant to hold and touch.
    • Perhaps Mr Blade got too excited or he might just be using a dated presentation.
    • Even with these seemingly dated components, this is plenty of system for a media client box.
    • The underlying LithTech 2.5 engine is considered a dated technology by some.