Translation of daunt in Spanish:


amilanar, v.

Pronunciation /dɔnt//dɔːnt//dɑnt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    arredrar literary
    she felt daunted by the danger se amilanó ante el peligro
    • Iruwan admits that he is slightly daunted by the prospect of racing in front of his home crowd.
    • No situation now daunts him, nor does any opponent.
    • Most of my travels having been to hot places, I was daunted at the prospect of such cold - but the invitation was irresistible.
    • It is an exercise that would have daunted people far younger than him.
    • ‘Sustaining 100 per cent growth is new to us, but it is not something that daunts us,’ he said.
    • If he was daunted by the magnitude of the task, Gurley's public persona did not display it.
    • One month into her new role, she isn't daunted by the enormous challenge facing her.
    • The young sailor is not daunted in what will be his longest single handed spell at sea.
    • Despite his troubles, he said, ‘While God gives me strength, failure will not daunt me.’
    • True, the country's problems would daunt any leader, but he has not addressed any of them effectively after a year in office.
    • Meantime, the challenges of being Rector of Dundee should not daunt Kelly, with her empathetic skills, campaigning experience and endless enthusiasm.
    • He isn't daunted by the attention the tattoo will attract.
    • Denise isn't daunted about hosting her own show, and doesn't worry about what the press say.
    • Hard work never daunted him and when his wife Nora died 32 years ago, he raised his family of nine.
    • There is no task that will daunt this dedicated team.
    • The prospect of transplant surgery does not daunt her.
    • As far as going back into management is concerned, no it doesn't daunt me.
    • Now, here we were as pensioners, setting out on an expedition that might have daunted us when we were teenagers.
    • Even the prospect of getting down to taxing schoolwork did not daunt Amy.
    • Mr Bridges, who served in the Army, police force and was also a publican, said he was not daunted by public speaking.