Translation of day centre in Spanish:

day centre



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    centro diurno para ancianos, minusválidos etc
    • Now a day centre for the elderly, the tiny pub has been preserved virtually intact.
    • The last time he attended the day centre was on January 25, 2000.
    • The day centre provides educational and recreational activities for people with learning disabilities.
    • Wiseman said the project also included plans for a day-care centre, laundromat, community hall and other amenities.
    • It will have a 15-bed inpatient unit, a day centre and an outpatient unit.
    • In Mongouge, an adult day-care center was established to keep the elderly occupied, well fed and cared for.
    • He then attended One Step Ahead, a day centre for people with learning difficulties.
    • During his visit the Prince met patients and volunteers in the hospice day centre, which provides support for patients and their families.
    • Homeless people in Swindon desperately need a day centre where they can get help and advice, says a leading councillor.
    • With the long term support of Scope, Kelly managed to complete school and now attends a day centre for adults in Coventry.
    • As the years pass, parents do not have the time to take care of their children and they are sent to a day-care centre or a pre-school at a very young age.
    • He said the school also provided support and acted as a day centre for children with special needs from other schools.
    • Two schoolgirls came to the rescue of a confused elderly woman who had wandered off from her day centre in Sheen last week.
    • Councillors yesterday agreed to press ahead with a plan to privatise five old people's homes and close a day centre in Wakefield.
    • A mental health day centre, a day centre for older people and an ambulance base will all be part of the new hospital.
    • The long-term aim is to open a permanent day centre for the homeless.
    • She runs a day centre for the elderly from the building.
    • Many people who come to the day centre do so because of the convenience of having the post office nearby.
    • Patients who have been discharged from hospital can visit the day centre for support, occupational therapy or to talk to their qualified psychiatric nurse.
    • As well as providing full-time care for 48 patients the proposed scheme will have a day centre for elderly people.