Translation of day return in Spanish:

day return

(day return ticket)



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    boleto de ida y vuelta en el (mismo) día masculine
    billete de ida y vuelta en el (mismo) día masculine Spain
    tiquete de ida y vuelta en el (mismo) día masculine Colombia
    boleto de viaje redondo en el (mismo) día masculine Mexico
    • A cheap day return to Stalybridge is the drinker's ticket to four different railway watering holes and 30 different beers.
    • The 35-mile journey takes 1hr 45 min, so a day return is more than possible.
    • I get on a bus, show my pass and get a cheap day return to most places.
    • The cheapest way of reaching the continent is a day return on any one of the dozens of ferries plying the routes daily to France, Belgium, Holland and Denmark.
    • The current cheapest day return between the two cities is £12.30, although passengers cannot travel before 9.30 am on weekdays.
    • A senior's rail day return from Blackburn to Darwen is £1.15, a saving of 22p and trains are not smothered in unappealing adverts.
    • The normal day return for the trip London-Brighton from Victoria Station is £15 and from Kings Cross Station (which takes a little longer) is £10.
    • People who live in the southeast of England find it cheaper to driver to Dover and buy a ferry ticket for a day return and fill their car with euro-booze than it is to buy your alcohol at home.
    • No advance cheap tickets are available but a £12.30 cheap day return is available after 9.30 am, according to the National Rail Enquiries telephone line.
    • When they tried to book for Friday, October 29 a price of £128.50 for a standard day return was quoted because cheaper tickets had not been released.
    • The cost per passenger is 3 for a day return and 2 one way.
    • A pensioner using a railcard for a day return from Brighton to Evesham can find himself paying any of 11 different fares, from £24.30 to £92.80, depending on which trains he happens to book.
    • I believe a day return (based on travelling in peak hours) is around £4.
    • I'm happy with a cheap day return to Catford once a year.
    • The cost would be a £1.90 return tram ticket and a cheap day return for just 90p - another £2.80.
    • A day return is £15.50 for a day out in Bute, Scotland's first island in the Highlands.
    • I would only use this opening if I'd bought a cheap day return (not valid after 5 p.m.).