Translation of daze in Spanish:


aturdimiento, n.

Pronunciation /deɪz//deɪz/


  • 1

    aturdimiento masculine
    to go about in a daze estar en las nubes
    • it all happened so quickly, I was in a complete daze todo pasó tan rápido que quedé totalmente aturdido
    • He finished the season in a daze and spent the winter wondering what would happen next.
    • In a daze, we make it back to the hotel and collapse before our 5.00 am start for home.
    • She wasn't eating and wasn't going to classes, just lying in her bed as if in a daze.
    • I went around in a daze, completely empty inside, for years, really.
    • I've been in a daze for the rest of the day - I went back to work for five hours and don't remember any of it.
    • I feel like I am in a daze, not knowing whether I am coming or going.
    • Again I was lost in a daze, staring at the boy who had caught my attention earlier.
    • A couple of days after the game, the man was found wandering in a daze around Lisbon airport.
    • I sighed heavily, turning my gaze back in front of me, and looking off into the distance in a daze.
    • Startled, and not having any idea who would call me, I went back to my room in a daze and picked up the phone.
    • I've been sitting at my bed for a long time now, in a daze after Emily's phone call.
    • I was in a daze, either from the alcohol or my disbelief about what really happened.
    • We were in a daze, caught in a trance and she was sure the coffee was drugged.
    • When Pari got out of the car she stood in a daze, unaware of her fate.
    • I'm getting home in the evening feeling stunned, and sit there in a daze for the rest of the night.
    • I walk out of the lapping, transparent water in a daze made up of disbelief as much as exhaustion.
    • René was too much in a daze from the kiss to notice the hand coming toward him.
    • They have been crying and just walking around in a daze since they found out he has gone.
    • Anastasia sat still and looked out of the window in a daze.
    • Ivan was still in a daze from his sleep, and didn't notice that Joan was sitting in one of the chairs.

transitive verb

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    he was dazed by the blow/by the news el golpe/la noticia lo dejó aturdido
    • I was dazed and amazed by all the wonderful things the Internet could do.
    • Suddenly, both boxers were on him, landing well-placed punches and dazing him for a moment.
    • He was dazed and dreamlike, seemingly unaware of the previous day's events.
    • Slightly dazed and confused from his fall, Levi recovered his state of mind.
    • A ball of hail the size of her fist slammed into her back, driving the air from her lungs and knocking her to the ground, the impact dazing her.
    • She says he was dazed and barely recognised his family when they visited him in hospital.
    • Joe head-butted Eddie, dazing him.
    • We were still dazed from a horribly early start, in spite of the breezy boat ride.
    • The next shot missed as well, but the explosion hurled him to the ground, dazing him.
    • It hit her on the forehead, dazing her, but luckily it didn't break.
    • This dazes him long enough for his attention to flick to something else.
    • The gun's explosion hit James as if it were the bulldozer itself, hammering his ears and dazing him.
    • The victim was so dazed from his injuries he was unable to tell police what happened.
    • Slightly dazed by the encounter I step out into the brightness of the street.
    • Kassi is so dazed by it all that she drops pizza onto her brand new and very expensive evening dress.
    • He was dazed and disoriented so Marian got him to the hospital where he had a major stroke.
    • I was completely dazed and shocked and felt that I had been hit on the head.
    • He was often dazed and drifted out of his senses while staring emptily into nothingness.
    • I was dazed, I was confused, even more so than I had been in this whole nightmarish chase.
    • She found the pensioner wandering shocked and dazed surrounded by the rubble from her devastated home.