Translation of dead in Spanish:


muerto, adj.

Pronunciation: /dɛd//dɛd/


  • 1

    (no longer alive)
    (plant/animal/person) muerto
    he's dead está muerto
    • she has been dead for 50 years hace 50 años que murió
    • dead body cadáver
    • he was dead on arrival at the hospital cuando llegó al hospital ya había muerto
    • to drop dead caerse muerto
    • drop dead! ¡vete al demonio!
    • to shoot/strike sb dead matar a algn a tiros/a golpes
    • wanted, dead or alive se busca: vivo o muerto
    • more dead than alive más muerta que viva
    • as dead as a dodo / doornail requetemuerto
    • dead and buried
    • long after I'm dead and buried mucho después de que esté muerto y enterrado / de que esté bajo tierra
    • dead and gone
    • all this will be yours when I'm dead and gone todo esto será tuyo cuando yo me muera
    • dead men tell no tales los muertos no hablan
    • not to be seen / caught dead
    • I wouldn't be seen / caught dead in that hat yo no me pondría ese sombrero ni muerta / ni loca
    • Just a few metres away from where I slept were all the dead bodies.
    • He said the victims were carrying a dead person to a nearby cemetery for burial when their vehicle came under fire.
    • And how many graphic pictures of dead bodies and desperate survivors do we need to see?
    • We need to figure out how we're going to handle what could be many hundreds of thousands of dead bodies.
    • The driver didn't know whether the person he hit was dead or alive.
    • He's refusing to answer questions about the crash that left ten people dead.
    • I charged through the house and saw the girl lying dead on the floor.
    • Fear of dead bodies is a known phobia which is surprisingly common.
    • My father is long dead and his death set me free, so it bothers me that he and his problem can still affect my adult life.
    • Our loved ones are only truly dead if they are forgotten.
    • An emotionally distant scientist, Banner believes that his father is dead.
    • The family's pet bull mastiff dog was shot dead by the gunman.
    • I found my father nearly dead, lying in the mud.
    • Tests conducted on dead birds in those counties were positive for the virus.
    • An ambulance was called but the boy was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.
    • A clause in the current scheme means the spouse of a dead officer would have to give up their pension if they remarried or decided to live with someone else.
    • We waited what seemed an eternity not knowing if she would come back dead or alive.
    • It was believed she had been dead for around two hours before they arrived.
    • The men persuaded the woman they had been sent to remove a dead pigeon from her water tank.
    • Paramedics tried to treat the victim but he was declared dead at the scene.
  • 2

    • 2.1(numb)

      my feet have gone dead with the cold se me han dormido los pies del frío
      • He still has some days when his arm is dead, and he had a scare last week when his shoulder popped during practice.
      • She said that her left leg had gone dead and that she had fallen out of bed.
      • His foot is dead and they need to operate immediately to save what's left of his leg.
      • Have you ever woken up with a dead arm?

    • 2.2(unresponsive)

      to be dead to sth ser sordo a algo
      • she remained dead to my pleas permaneció sorda a mis súplicas
      • he remained dead to pity nada lo movía a compasión
      • His voice sounded dead even to himself and he wondered why he was still talking.
      • A person who has always been truly alone is one who will be emotionally dead.
      • But now that he was out, he sounded as dead as he had at the first meeting with his lawyer.
      • The grin was gone, and his voice had gone so emotionally dead that it was almost frightening.
      • He felt dead and dull inside, like an electric toy with the batteries removed.
      • His eyes are dead, as black as the depths of the sea, glancing at us as his halo of white-transparent hair swirls around his head.
      • But now that I am older and emotionally dead inside, these things bother me less and less.
      • The warmth from that simple touch and kiss thawed his cold dead heart back to life.
      • Her emerald eyes were wide open, cold and almost dead.
      • All the emotion had left her voice, and it was empty, dead, and lifeless, a mirror of her soul.
      • He turns me around, jerking my chin up to look into his dead, black eyes.
      • Anyone who can listen to Mozart's Requiem Mass without getting shivers up the spine is either physically or emotionally dead.
      • Humour is actually a very important part of life and in fact you're dead without it.
      • When a woman's voice from a car alongside him calls his name, his face is emotionless, blank, dead.

  • 3informal

    (very tired, ill)
    muerto informal
    I'm absolutely dead ¡estoy muerto! informal
    • That comment caused dead silence, because he hit the nail on the head.
    • The class stayed in the kind of dead silence that most teachers would greet with joy.
    • The most amusing parts were when they'd call for audience participation, and there'd be dead silence.
    • There was dead silence for a minute and then something streaked past.
    • There was dead silence for the first 10 minutes, until Shelly's dad came and got her.
    • She thought her little five-year-old heartbeat came to a dead stop in the silence.
    • All sound stopped instantly and there was dead silence from inside the bar.
    • There was a dead silence on the court for a few moments before Flynn's roar woke the officials up.
    • There was a long moment of dead silence as Jessica processed that piece of depressing information.
    • Maybe the officials can answer, as there is dead silence from Government members.
    • The fact that this research has not lead to dozens of follow up studies, but instead was followed by dead silence, raises many questions in my mind.
    • A dead silence followed as each person took time to analyze his surroundings.
    • And if you can hold eight hundred people in dead silence and hear a pin drop you know something's going right.
    • There was about half a minute of total dead silence before she could manage any words.
    • Everyone sat there in dead silence for a moment, quietly digesting what they'd just heard.
    • A wave of laughter flared up at that one, followed by a dead silence.
    • The room fell into dead silence as it was clear no one had the money to upstage his bid.
    • It's been almost a year now and there has been pretty much dead silence on the matter.
    • Since disaster struck the students have been making frantic phone calls only to be greeted by dead silence.
    • You'll hear gasps, a dead silence, then the sound of sobbing.
  • 4

    • 4.1(obsolete)

      (language) muerto
      (custom) en desuso
      a dead metaphor una metáfora lexicalizada
      • This demonstration shows that the movement is not at all dead, but alive and growing.
      • Which is not to say that the well-wrought traditional panto is entirely dead.
      • The interim economic plan, including the third currency, was dead before it was born.
      • Now that the Eastern Corridor is a dead issue, dramatic action needs to be taken to address the transport woes in the region.
      • Our voters confirmed that Europe was far from being a dead and done issue for any party.
      • The postwar alliance that once structured and indeed defined our world is dead.
      • The dining room is dead and the kitchen is the new hub of the home according to Yorkshire kitchen manufacturer Omega.
      • I suppose that means that in one small way, chivalry isn't dead.
      • Images move you up the television news agenda; without camera access, my friend, your issue is dead.
      • Just because the war is to all intents and purposes over doesn't mean that this is a dead issue.
      • Today, with the Warsaw Pact dead, France can safely make its reach for grandeur.
      • Browsing through the diverse range of opinions posted by readers, it is hard to believe that the issue is dead.
      • The Atlantic alliance that won the Cold War is virtually dead.
      • Despite that result, however, there are indications that the issue is not completely dead.
      • The Goth scene is dead and the venues are only open so people can enjoy the music and dance and be with their friends and have a good time.
      • He thought that it was a dead issue, he had dealt with that.
      • Financial services is a dead industry and cannot be revived anywhere close to what it was.
      • This brought tears to my eyes and I thought of a headline in your paper some months ago saying community living is dead.
      • In any case, unless there's some clear photo from tonight, I think this issue may be dead.

    • 4.2(past, finished with)

      (issue) pasado
      the matter is dead and buried el asunto ya está enterrado, a lo pasado, pisado
      • After being served our desert we had to call a waiter to clear all the dead glasses away.
      • The place is covered in empty pizza boxes, dead bottles of booze and cigarette butts.

    • 4.3(in bar, restaurant)

      is this glass/bottle dead? ¿ha terminado ya con el vaso/la botella?
      • As he walked the dead streets he was aware of tears running down his cheeks.
      • The waterfront was also dead, an empty stretch of dock littered with bits of rope, fish, and other such trash.
      • When he was singing decent songs he could send electricity through those dead restaurants he was playing.
      • St. George's is normally pretty dead on a Friday night, but last night the streets were crowded.
      • I look at the coverage on the news, and the streets look empty and dead.
      • The degree of public support these workers had was an amazing spectacle - the stores were absolutely dead.
      • They were still in the city centre and at this time of the evening every building looked empty and dead to Alexa's desperately searching eyes.
      • But you can always count on some activity even mid week where other places are dead.
      • Got sent home early since the place was dead, a nice change to actually get the last bus.
      • I do not know how many members have visited the little town of Havelock, but 15 years ago that town was dead.
      • Camembert, once a dead town, had suddenly become very lively indeed.
      • In the end I only got one opportunity to go in to this place, and the night I was in there was absolutely dead, no-one else at all.
      • Turned out the place was dead, hardly worth turning up for.

  • 5

    • 5.1(not functioning)

      (wire/circuit) desconectado
      (telephone) desconectado
      (telephone) cortado
      (battery) descargado
      the line suddenly went dead de repente se cortó (la comunicación)
      • The pair were telling him what they had found on the planet when the transmission went dead.
      • I came back last week from a spell in Istanbul to discover that the power in my flat was dead.
      • The line suddenly went dead on us around 4 days ago and came back only this afternoon.
      • Our techie found that the issue was a dead battery on the upstairs server.
      • When the boat got back to the harbor after the snorkeling trip, our rental car's battery was dead.
      • Don't sign any software agreement until you have read the fine print carefully, otherwise you could one day find yourself with a very dead computer.
      • The television was dead and would not respond at all.
      • Moving the crossbeam was the most desirable option, and the power lines appeared dead.
      • Before Kat could respond, the line went dead and the faint beeping of the phone began to bother her.
      • I picked up the mike to tell Mann my problem, but the transmitter had gone dead.
      • You can create closed loops and boxes without short circuits by using dead connectors.
      • I did finally find a link that connected to the same dead server I had been trying to access.
      • Sure enough, she came in to work the next day, and the network was dead.
      • The first match began and before the commentator could say hello to the live audience, one of the game monitors went dead.

    • 5.2(not alight)

      (coals/fire/match) apagado
      • The staff had left, together with the jeep, and around the dead fire were the empty Genghis Khan bottles.
      • When she arrived at his house he wasn't there - the fire in the hearth was dead and he'd gone off into the bush.
      • Jim stepped away from the cold embers of the dead fire and walked into the jungle.
      • But the next day, the fire was dead. With no one to feed it, it went out while men were sleeping.

    • 5.3(quiet, not busy)

      (hotel/party/town) muerto
      the dead season la temporada baja
      • in the dead hours of the night a altas horas de la noche / de la madrugada

    • 5.4Finance

      (capital/money) muerto
      (money/capital) improductivo
      • Government money is dead money, ring-fenced and controlled so that every penny can meet the rigours of post - audit.
      • This is dead finance as the loss is far greater than the gain and gets worse by the hour.
      • The money is dead money unless we have some support from them.
      • You can't go on paying out dead money every month on something you don't own.
      • Is this dead money as I am sure there are many people in the same situation as me.
      • Renting in Swindon is quite expensive and it's dead money really but I'd rather compromise on that and see the world instead.
      • All this though doesn't change the fact that my rent will always be dead money.
      • Many economists regard defence outlays as dead money, money that produces nothing of measurable value.
      • Start a pension scheme and try to get on the property ladder as quickly as possible, as rent is dead money.
      • The pension costs mean that an increasing slice of the force's budget is dead money which has no impact on front-line policing.

    • 5.5Sport

      (ball) muerto
      • He demonstrated that even on dead pitches a degree of aggression can bring dividends.
      • This pitch was completely dead from the first ball.
      • Keep in mind that on such plays the ball is not dead and the batter-runner may try for four bases at his own risk if he chooses.
      • But a decision about an actual goal being scored when the ball is dead ought to be checked if there is any doubt in the ref's mind or even if there's not.
      • England fast bowlers seemed to bowl too many short deliveries on a dead pitch today.
      • The referee should not permit a player to resume until the ball is dead.
      • With the ball eventually rolling dead, Smith decided against the penalty try.
      • If an umpire is struck by a batted ball in that position, the ball is dead.
      • I'm not criticising anyone but it's just a dead surface and there's no response from it.
      • But after last night's rain I knew the ground would be on the dead side and if he didn't fall he'd have a chance.

  • 6

    • 6.1

      in dead silence en un silencio absoluto / total
      • he collapsed in a dead faint se desplomó totalmente inconsciente
      • to come to a dead halt/stop parar en seco
      • she's in dead earnest lo dice muy en serio
      • we're in dead trouble if they catch us si nos agarran estamos fritos

    • 6.2(exact)

      to be on a dead level with sth estar exactamente al mismo nivel que algo


  • 1

    dead on target justo en el blanco
    • she was dead on time llegó puntualísima
  • 2

    dead ahead justo delante
  • 3

    to stop dead parar en seco
    • he stopped the ball dead paró la pelota en seco
  • 4informal

    (straight/level) completamente
    dead slow lentísimo
    • dead drunk completamente borracho
    • dead tired cansadísimo
    • I'm dead broke estoy pelado
    • you're dead right tienes toda la razón
    • you're dead wrong estás muy equivocado
    • to be dead certain / sure estar totalmente seguro
    • to be dead beat estar reventado / molido
  • 5slang

    it was dead easy estuvo regalado / tirado informal
    • I'm dead bored estoy aburridísimo / muerto de aburrimiento


  • 1

    the dead los muertos
    • to rise from the dead resucitar de entre los muertos
    • they were screaming fit to wake the dead chillaban a grito pelado
  • 2

    in the / at dead of night a altas horas de la noche / de la madrugada
    • in the dead of winter en lo más crudo del invierno