Translation of dead weight in Spanish:

dead weight

peso muerto, n.


  • 1

    peso muerto masculine
    • I felt as if a deadweight had just been dropped into my stomach.
    • And, as it happens, the rescuer shedding what he knew would be the dead weight of his clothing was my great-great-grandfather, John Kitchel.
    • After 20 excruciating minutes of grinding my way uphill (with my legs feeling like deadweights from the overdose of lactic acid flooding my muscles), the ground finally began to even out.
    • On the roof, Roger struggles under the dead weight of the young man.
    • Why is the dead weight of someone (e.g., an unconscious person or dead body) heavier than live weight (e.g., a conscious person)?
    • His useless left arm is a deadweight that causes severe pain in his neck and back.
    • Struggling frantically, she went under, kicked back up, fought to free herself from the deadweight on her back.
    • The koala was a dead weight holding me down and we stayed in those brown dark depths for what seemed like half an eternity.