Translation of dead zone in Spanish:

dead zone

zona sin cobertura, n.



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    zona sin cobertura feminine
    • These dead zones will most likely fall to you, the technology project manager, to install, maintain and monitor.
    • Here's what you need: Oliver Burkeman's guide to the world's communication dead zones
    • The commercial merits of the technology are self-evident: Say good-bye to dead zones and lack of interoperability between police and firefighter radios.
    • As one education advocate puts it, if high schools were cell phones, they would be considered in a dead zone.
    • Heading off a dead zone, making a cell phone call during the inauguration could be a challenge.
    • But the tester's cursor hovers aimlessly in a dead zone.
    • Single-Channel Ground-to-Air Radio System, even with the power amplifier, could not reach out of the communication dead zone surrounding the convoy.
    • For the first 20 years of cellular communications, mobile handset users have complained about dead zones, and keep switching services to get reliable connections.
    • The area along ASR Sue is also full of communication dead zones, which are areas where very-high frequency and ultrahigh frequency signals do not propagate.
    • Signal dead zones exist on campus, most notably the residences which apparently sit in the signal shadow of the Optometry building.
    • In one case, we inadvertently put a repeater smack in the middle of a dead zone, where it sat, uselessly hunting for a signal to amplify.
    • My whole house seems to have turned into a wireless dead zone!
    • More, evenly spaced APs better allows the WLAN as a whole to cover dead zones.
    • " Previously the elevator was a dead zone.
    • You'd think cellphone dead zones wouldn't be a problem for Mayor Bloomberg, who travels at all times with all sorts of sophisticated communications gear.
    • The system offers a nifty solution to dead zones in your house where your cell phone doesn't work.