Translation of deadly in Spanish:


mortal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛdli//ˈdɛdli/


  • 1

    • 1.1(fatal)

      (disease/poison/blow) mortal
      (weapon) mortífero
      (combat) a muerte
      • Tobacco is ' one of the most deadly poisons'.
      • It feels as if only the ultimate extinction of the human race will able to stop that deadly spiral.
      • Asthma is at best an annoying condition, and at worst a debilitating, even deadly disease.
      • And in doing so there's a distinct possibility that deadly force will have to be used.
      • In Doomsday Book the twenty-first century is stricken by yet another pandemic, almost as deadly as the Black Death was in the fourteenth.
      • New intelligence indicates explosives set off to the side of the road are proving very deadly.
      • The 2003 death toll from the deadly virus was only one.
      • He faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon.
      • Greed is their most deadly sin, because none of them can escape it.
      • The gas was refined and is less toxic but still toxic enough to be deadly to humans over time.
      • It is also important to remember that every driver on the highway is armed with a weapon more deadly and dangerous than any firearm: a motor vehicle.
      • Big SUVs and little kids, a dangerous and sometimes deadly combination in the family driveway.
      • Agent Orange contained dioxins, which are some of the most deadly poisons known.
      • But in the latest two-week period, seven chickens tested positive for the potentially deadly virus.
      • British leaders say the mistaken shooting last Friday was a tragedy, but they insist police must be able to use deadly force to protect the public.
      • The director of Amnesty International UK has appealed to the people of west Wiltshire to support the charity's campaign against the worldwide trade in deadly weapons.
      • They help to prevent more deadly diseases from affecting your pet.
      • The aftershock is equally deadly for those who live in the vicinity.
      • Now the fire itself wasn't very deadly, it was the smoke.
      • Scientists hope new research could result in a vaccine for the potentially deadly meningitis B virus.

    • 1.2(unerring)

      (aim) certero
      (aim) infalible
      • There's something scary about a spare ball that can look this good and be so deadly.
      • A flat free-kick of typically deadly pace from David Beckham brushed the head of the Paraguay captain Carlos Gamarra and continued on its path to the net.
      • He throws the ball straight with deadly accuracy.
      • He is hilarious when he plays a woman, because he nails it with deadly accuracy.
      • Not an International, but proving deadly in the Premiership whilst his form lasts.
      • You rely on body armor, luck, and your deadly accuracy to survive.
      • He charges like a mad man, swinging wildly yet very deadly and quite accurate.
      • And because I came from a single-income family, I was eligible for a student allowance, even with the deadly radar of means-testing.
      • Each strike and block was performed with flawless, deadly accuracy.
      • Taking aim she hurled her daggers at her enemy with deadly precision.
      • The one warrior, though not being nearly as powerful as the other, was quite quick and her fighting style deadly.
      • Kendal's third and fourth goals also came from penalty corners again from Brooks, who dispatched accurately positioned balls with deadly accuracy.
      • Hinting at the timepiece's capacity for deadly accuracy, he adds: ‘It was twenty-four minutes past midnight.’
      • Practice this in front of a mirror until you can slightly part your lips and silently hit a target with deadly accuracy.
      • Tyger threw the ball with deadly accuracy right at the monster's chest.

    • 1.3

      (seriousness) enorme
      (rival/enemy) a muerte
      Religion capital
      in deadly silence en un silencio sepulcral
      • Let us take this issue with the deadly seriousness that it deserves -- not only on this International Day, but every day.
      • This is a continuous blast, until the eye of the hurricane reaches you and you get half and hour or so of deadly quietness.
      • Byron may have been playing at soldiers, but at the same time he was in deadly earnest.
      • After a moment of deadly silence, the general spoke.
      • There was a moment of deadly calm before people began to move, soft moans of pain from all around.
      • Morgan Freeman was now speaking in deadly earnest about Rainforests as the Lungs of Our Planet.
      • There are things of deadly earnest that can only be mentioned under the cover of a joke.

  • 2informal

    (dull, boring)
    (play/book/party) funesto
    (play/party/book) aburridísimo
    • I barely even notice the battle anymore through the deadly monotony.
    • Quiet filled the long, deadly moments that Abigail and James Corinne spent simply gawking at Callie.
    • Breakfast was deadly!! The best breakfast potatoes I think I’ve ever had.
    • Viewers today typically consider busts academic, boring, deadly; in a museum, they are what you walk past on the way to the Impressionists.
    • Bemused glances helped them get through that deadly sermon.
    • Just like to say it was deadly today. Had great fun.
    • As a result, cultural choice is increasingly restricted, and a bland sameness, deadly and soporific, threatens the cultural landscape.
    • "I only joined because of my mother," Chris tells her friend Annie after they've snickered through another deadly lecture on broccoli or carpet.


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    (dull/boring) terriblemente
    you must be joking! — no, I'm deadly serious lo dices en broma ¿no? — no, lo digo muy en serio