Translation of deadwood in Spanish:


ramas secas, n.

(dead wood)

Pronunciation /ˈdɛdwʊd//ˈdɛdwʊd/


  • 1

    (dead trees, branches)
    ramas secas feminine
    • Because dead wood is immune to termites and wood-rotting fungi, large trees can take a millennium to weather away after dying.
    • We obtained 147 samples from living trees and 1005 from dead wood.
    • The colour of the branches depends on what dead wood and leaf litter it is growing upon.
    • Signs of structural instability include cracks in the trunk or major limbs, hollow or decayed areas, or excessive dead wood.
    • Just cut out dead wood - canes that are dark brown or gray - and trim away occasional branches that clog the inside of the plant, to promote good air circulation.
    • Someone will have to scale a ladder periodically to keep the vines from attacking shutters and shingles and to prune out dead wood.
    • It was neglected in the recent past and tree surgeons have been busy removing dead wood to make the area safer.
    • Prune any dead wood evident on trees, but avoid trimming spring-flowering shrubs.
    • Old shrubs, such as spiraea, forsythia, lilac, and honeysuckle, often become overgrown and full of crowded stems and dead wood.
    • I like spending time in the woods, when i lived in the countryside I used to collect dead wood with my bow saw for my woodburner-stove, and I appreciated the atmosphere.
    • Lightning fires cleared the woods of brush, dead wood, and an overabundance of young trees.
    • The dead wood, which makes a tree so scenic and historic, is not absent from the life processes of the tree.
    • The Anvil Lopper is designed for pruning dry or dead wood.
    • Prune plants to regulate size, renew growth, develop plant form and orient branches and remove dead wood.
    • Try to leave some selected sections of dead wood on a tree, to provide nesting homes for birds.
    • Maples generally need little pruning, other than to remove root suckers and dead wood or branches that cross or grow too low.
    • New life pushes out from what often looks like dead wood, and it is the time of the year when the weather really starts to change as well.
    • The great tree is an ancient spire of dead wood, made of lignin and cellulose by the ancestors of the thin layer of living cells that go to constitute its bark.
    • When we had unsaddled the horses and unpacked our kit I began gathering dead wood so I might have plenty for our fire.
    • Remove weak and crossing branches and dead wood.
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    (useless people, material)
    to get rid of the deadwood among the staff sacarse de encima al personal inútil
    • there's a lot of deadwood in that file hay mucha paja en ese archivo