Translation of dean in Spanish:


deán, n.

Pronunciation /diːn//din/


  • 1

    deán masculine
    • What I believe that most New Zealanders feel is what the dean of Auckland cathedral wrote today: that New Zealand retained its integrity as a nation.
    • Education was one of his main passions and it was due to the dean that the cathedral was used for adult education courses.
    • The rural dean is appointed by the bishop to act as a channel of communication between himself and the clergy of the parishes which make up his deanery.
    • The plans are being led by the church's vicar, Canon Derek Jackson, a former dean of Bradford Cathedral.
    • A diocesan insider said: ‘They have come to the conclusion that the only way that peace can break out at the cathedral is for the dean to resign.’
    • Samuel Crossman was a priest in Bristol, and at his death dean of that city's cathedral.
    • He always said that he was a priest first and a dean second.
    • The wife of the Bishop, of the Archdeacon and of the Area Dean should be invited individually so that seats can be reserved for them.
    • When Jane Hedges, a rural dean in Devon, arrives at Westminster in January she will break a male-only tradition stretching back 1,000 years.
    • In his letter to parishioners the bishop said deans had been instructed to work with priests and congregations to ‘implement a development framework’ throughout the diocese.
    • From 1988 to 1997 he was vicar of St Mary's, Eastbourne, and rural dean of Eastbourne.
    • Cathedral deans, like vicars, enjoy freehold and therefore cannot be removed from office unless convicted of a serious offence in the secular or ecclesiastical courts.
    • St David's was built for the Rev Gilbert Holmes, the Protestant dean of Ardfert and a member of the prominent local Holmes family, who had arrived in 1728.
    • One of the duties of the dean of Christ Church is to preach the annual Christmas sermon.
    • Reverend Sharon Jones became our first woman Area Dean in a service at St Thomas Pendleton.
    • He will work with the dean and chapter to develop the Minster's resources and help to increase its funding revenue.
    • But he later appeared to change his tune and in a carefully-prepared statement spoke of his ‘commitment’ to the dean and chapter - and indicted that he might not quit after all.
    • In 1072, with the aim of promoting ecclesiastical discipline, he ordered bishops to appoint first archdeacons - again following Norman practice - and then rural deans.
    • Stuart was also the painter of choice for ecclesiastical portraiture and painted countless bishops and deans of the Anglican church.
    • Poor people could not always afford candles, and one of the cathedral deans, Andrew Kilkenny, came to their rescue with a benefaction.
    • The famous cathedral's dean directly oversees an organization of more than 70 people, including clergy, program staff and administrators.
    • The statutes governing most English cathedrals give the dean and chapter together a considerable degree of independence from episcopal control.
    • The rural dean also attempted to visit Mrs Kendall but his car broke down.
    • She is being made an honorary canon in recognition of her hospital work and will take over as rural dean of South Craven in February.
    • There are other important people in the diocese who have to be there too, such as the archdeacons and rural deans.
    • ‘There is no better job in the Church of England than being dean of a cathedral,’ she said.
    • Now the dean and chapter of the cathedral has withdrawn its backing, after strong objections by residents.
    • The mother of two was installed as the new dean of historic Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire at a ceremony attended by members of the Church of England hierarchy.
    • He also served a term as rural dean of Skipton.
    • But after private talks, it was announced the dean would leave Ripon Cathedral by the end of the year.
    • Some of the little children he knew and loved best at Oxford were the daughters of Henry Liddell, the dean of Christ Church.
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    • 2.1(in university)

      decano masculine
      decana feminine
      • They will hear the case, then make a recommendation to the dean of students, who will make a decision.
      • Gordon was also a major figure in university life, serving two terms as dean of the medical faculty, one term as vice principal, and on many committees.
      • His sister's married to the son of a head dean at Oxford University.
      • Years later, Wilkins finds herself at a two-year college, not as a student, but as a dean at Georgia Perimeter College in Atlanta.
      • An economics graduate with a master's in political economy, he resigned as a faculty dean at the University of Malaya to enter politics.
      • The undergraduate dean of Sheffield University's medical school, Steve Peters, described him as ‘the ideal student’.
      • Thereafter, I was kept busy as a teacher, departmental administrator, faculty dean, researcher and author of historical books and articles.
      • In 1917, he was appointed dean of the college of letters at Beijing University.
      • The data on teacher referrals of students to the dean of students' office showed some interesting patterns.
      • As to the first event, the letter from the President of the University seeks from its deans and department heads a statement of vision for their respective schools and departments.
      • The students argued that the dean's action violated their First Amendment rights.
      • A few weeks later the postgraduate dean approved me for the flexible careers scheme.
      • The postgraduate deans have been encouraging good induction arrangements for junior grades for several years.
      • ‘We'll notify the dean of Embry College about the situation and send officers to patrol the campus,’ Detective Jacobs said.
      • Li is a surgeon and a former dean of the faculty of medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
      • The revenue from those patents goes both to the two inventors and to their universities' deans, department chiefs, and many others.
      • Bill Michael is the university's assistant vice president for student life and associate dean of the college.
      • As clinical enterprises have fallen on harder times, many deans and department heads argue that they can no longer afford to support this kind of research.
      • From 1984 to 1986, she was also part time dean of the medical faculty.
      • He is the dean of Princeton University's School of Engineering and Applied Science and holds a professorship in the Department of Computer Science.
      • The students enter a dean's office far too casually, and throw themselves and their belongings about rather too imperiously.
      • There were only two or three deans to address disciplinary issues, and a lone patrolman stood watch in the lobby of the school.
      • Both divisions are headed by academic deans, and they share resources and faculty.
      • In addition, deans may give some departments more salary dollars than others.
      • "We have an appointment tomorrow with the dean of engineering at UCLA, " my father said.
      • She came to The University of Chicago from Wellesley College to become the dean of women.
      • These types of concerns can stymie department chairs, deans, and provosts interested in creating and implementing policies to help parents.
      • In addition, a new policy required that all fraternity parties be registered with the dean of student's office and the campus police, who provide on-site security.
      • The college dean subsequently emailed students expressing his great alarm at their dangerous actions.
      • In 1988 he was appointed dean of the faculty of physics and technology at the St. Petersburg Technical University.
      • He was formerly assistant dean of students and director of residence life at Delaware Valley College.
      • University administrators established the priorities following extensive discussions by faculty, department chairs, deans and other unit leaders.
      • He is also an associate dean of the Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine.
      • The responsibility for the day-to-day enforcement of each school's disciplinary code falls to the dean's office.
      • Gordon Nelson, former dean of the faculty of environmental studies, is one of the principal founders of this initiative.
      • She went on to work in university positions, eventually becoming the first dean of women students at the University of California, Berkeley.

    • 2.2US (in college, secondary school)

      docente a cargo del asesoramiento y de la disciplina de los estudiantes

  • 3US

    decano masculine
    decana feminine