Translation of dear in Spanish:


querido, adj.

Pronunciation /dɪr//dɪə/


  • 1

    a very dear friend of mine un amigo mío muy querido
    • dear (old) Jane, she's such a help to me la buena de Jane, me ayuda tanto
    • that was when dear Dr Wentworth was still alive eso pasó cuando todavía vivía el pobre / el buen Dr Wentworth
    • it was his dearest wish/possession era su mayor deseo/su bien más preciado
    • to be dear to sb
    • memories that are very dear to him recuerdos que le son muy caros / que significan mucho para él
    • that bracelet was very dear to her esa pulsera tenía gran valor (sentimental) para ella
    • Let the honor of your friend be as dear to you as your own (Ethics of the Fathers 2: 15).
    • Yet there are surely more things close and dear to the human heart than are dreamed of in Carver's fiction.
    • She'd hate to leave her friends… they were so dear to her.
    • Naomi… my dear youngest sister… farewell for now, " he murmured.
    • She joined a whole secret league of the hunters after being separated from a friend very dear to her.
    • What a shame dear ol ' TinTin couldn't make it this time!
    • I gave everything of myself in support of the beliefs I held so dear.
    • She went quietly about her daily life and was held in fond regard by her dear friends.
    • "Some dear friends from a Verdi opera were kind enough to donate these.
    • She is talented and very dear to me, but our concepts of music are totally different.
    • I admittedly was pretty uneducated about this disease but it has piqued my interest in the last few months as these clients are close relatives of someone very dear to me.
    • I was nervous, certainly; afraid I might lose something dear to me.
    • And there was charity attached to it, something that was dear to his heart.
    • Likewise, we want our lives to reflect those values and goals which are dear to us, and it is a source of pleasure to us when this is so.
    • A country especially dear to me, as my wife's homeland.
    • Francesca supposed she was lucky to have avoided losing anyone dear to her.
    • Early this morning, that bar, which was very dear to me, my family and my friends, burned to the ground.
    • They like to hold on tightly to what they value as near and dear to them.
    • The land where the plane had landed, everything belonging to it was intensely dear to me, ‘he wrote.’
    • It took me a long time to learn the value of friends and I now have many who are very dear to me.
  • 2

    (in direct address)
    • 2.1(in speech)

      my dear Henry, you cannot be serious ¡pero Henry! ¡qué disparate!
      • my dear Mrs Harper, I can assure you that … mi buena señora (Harper), le aseguro que …
      • my dear girl/boy, how terrible for you! ¡pero qué horror, hija mía/hijo mío!
      • An excellent idea, dear fellow, to not have a television.
      • My apologies, dear sir, and thank you for revealing truth to me!
      • "So brother dear… " I started, propping myself on my pillow.
      • There engraved on the trunk was this… "Here, dear friend, I stand."
      • But disappear not in my ocean of thoughts, for I will always love you dear Unc.
      • "It is so good to see you, as well, brother dear.
      • "No… No please dear god… " she cried.
      • Never fear dear reader, I am alive and well.
      • Thank you for staying here dear sirs, hope you had a nice time, please do visit us again.
      • Please dear reader, read the last paragraph once more.
      • Dear reader, to all of these questions I can provide no answers.
      • "Gee, nice to see you too dear brother, " Benji said grinning.
      • "Are you suggesting, dear sir, that we spoke to a ghost?
      • Please dear God let Pakistan win some medals this time.
      • Today, dear reader, I have two words for you: night sweats.
      • No, dear friend… such things happen, and they happen right here in Mumbai.
      • I congratulate you, my dear fellow, I really do.
      • Charles, my dear fellow, you've no idea how wonderful that made me feel.
      • "Well, for one thing, mother dear, I'm not a dog.
      • "Dinner is ready sister dear, " Mikael announces, poking his head around the door.

    • 2.2(in letter-writing)

      Dear Mr Jones Estimado Sr. Jones
      • Dear Jimmy Estimado Jimmy
      • Dear Sir or Madam Estimado/a Señor(a)
      • My dear Paul Mi querido Paul
      • If the letter began ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Dear Madam’, you should sign off ‘Yours faithfully’.
      • Dear Friend: First, I want to tip my hat to you.
      • The letter opened, "Dear Mother and Dad," and described the recent activity of the 7th Marines.
      • Dear BI Career Consultants: How can we measure the true impact of technology on learning and student success?
      • "Dear friends world over, Nepal is closed for the time being.

  • 3

    what a dear little thing he is! ¡pero qué ricura / monada (de niño)!
    • they have the dearest (little) house tienen una casita monísima
    • she's a dear girl es un encanto de chica
    • It was quite a pleasant excursion for the dear little thing.
    • It would seem that Sammy's dear little darling sister has struck again.
    • That was the year James was born, and we bought our first new car, a dear little red Mini.
    • One of them gave me the most poisonous looks, but later she came to me and said ‘what a dear little child.’
    • You wouldn't believe how much I spend each week on assorted nuts and seeds to feed the dear little birds, not forgetting the cost of bird boxes and bird tables, some of which these days have proper tiled roofs and are as big as a house.
    • They both smiled at him a good deal, and one of them referred to me as ‘your dear little girl.’
    • It wasn't that Uncle Henry's house wasn't pretty, but I did miss my dear little swing.
    • I'm staying at a dear little guesthouse a bit of a way out for a couple of days and perhaps we could meet at one of the fringe meetings Boris will be addressing?
    • We delivered our little dog into the tender care of the vet, and we needed to know that, whatever the outcome for our dear little dog Sally, we had the provisions set out in the Veterinarians Bill.
    • It's still a dumb haircut even on his dear little genius head.
    • How could Garfield be so cruel to that dear little mouse?
    • What happened to the dear little boy who used to play with you in the street?
    • But eventually, even a Labrador's jaw will tire, at which point the dear little animal will inevitably leave the thing where it can most conveniently be fallen over by someone carrying a full mug of hot liquid.
    • I've seen it happen more than once to some very dear, sweet people, and it's really heartbreaking to watch.
    • But Jimmy Grimble smells like a sweet and innocuous film from the get-go, thus we know someone's going to get their comeuppance, and it isn't dear little Jimmy.
    • Here I might be in trouble with the law again, for my dear little Jack Russell terrier Polly has had her tail docked.
    • I have some advice for members out of this dear little book, which is called The Little Book of Calm.
    • Or perhaps she felt that I am a simpleton who would welcome such kittens in his inbox, and that when I saw its dear little ears I would be happy.
    • Inevitably, she decided that a newly painted windowsill would be the better for dear little paw-prints and was duly shouted at.
    • In the course of the last half hour the sheep have been efficiently caught by Dr Biswell, and I have fired a nasty looking white gloop down their dear little throats with a syringe.
  • 4

    was it very dear? ¿te costó muy caro?
    • dear money dinero caro
    • Premiums are dear, typically in the range of $1 million per $25 million coverage.
    • But Americans had to pay a dear price for that questionable privilege.
    • Tax payers are getting tired of always having to pay the dear price for the conduct of irresponsible and insensitive members of the public.
    • Customers think organic food is too dear.
    • I don't use the blank rune any longer, but before the Age of the Internet when information was dear and costly, I used it and didn't have a problem with it.
    • A Philadelphia customer admired the company's cut glass but hesitated to buy any because it was ‘most extravagantly dear.’
    • We are ready to pay a very dear price for this peace.
    • They say these payments make it too dear to shoot films in the republic.
    • The passenger was not happy with the Metrolink service, and said ticket prices were very dear.
    • His wife dying, his children scattered, he has paid a dear price for his act of defiance.
    • She was forced to pay the £4 taxi fare from her benefits, which soon became too dear.
    • The end result will lead to sharp cuts in pensions, endowments and other investment returns for its members, who will now have to pay a dear price for a series of catastrophic management blunders.
    • He had extraordinary luck; he met a dealer with just what he needed, although he paid a dear price for them.


  • 1

    oh dear! ¡ay!
    • dear, (oh) dear! ¡vaya por Dios!
    • oh, dear me, that's terrible ay por Dios, eso sí que es terrible


  • 1

    (as form of address)
    querido masculine
    querida feminine
    not there, Sally, dear allí no, Sally querida / cariño
    • John, my dear, bring me my slippers John, tesoro / corazón ¿me traes las pantuflas?
    • my dearest querido mío
    • sorry, dear, we're sold out no, mire, no nos quedan
    • how many coffees was it, dear? ¿cuántos cafés me dijo?
    • I thought you'd want what I want - sorry, my dear.
    • "Now dear, it is quite alright to cry in situations like these.
    • Then, she looked at my friend and said, ‘But you need a bigger pair, my dear.’
    • "He'll be fine, don't worry dear, " Trudy confirmed.
    • On hearing our lament for a country gone frankly insane, she simply suggested, ‘Well, dears, why don't you move here?
    • So he says to the first, ‘How much do you love me, my dear?’
    • I restated my plight and asked: who might you be, my dear?
    • Never let it be said that I don't have high expectations of you, my dears.
    • Well dear are you sure you'll be okay if I send you alone?
    • "I hope you know how much we love you dear, " she said as she hugged her daughter.
    • "Good morning dear, " they both said as the three exchanged kisses.
    • ‘Well, be careful where you go, my dears,’ she warned.
    • "Ok dear, I'll leave you here with Cassandra while I go finish some preparations.
    • "Sorry, Dear, " smiled Izumi, contradicting her husband.
    • A young nurse put me to bed and said: ‘Would you like a nice cuppa tea, dear?’
    • Make sure you don't spoil your dinner, dears.
    • It was fine, dear, but please do be polite to your sister and let her finish.
    • ‘You're awfully late, dear,’ Prince Alfonso was heard to mutter in English.
    • I'll do anything, for you, dear, anything, 'cause you mean everything to me.
    • After a moment had passed she smiled and said, " Of course, dear!"
  • 2informal

    (nice person)
    be a dear and answer the door for me anda, sé bueno y abre la puerta
    • he's/she's such a dear es un ángel / un cielo
    • (you) poor dear! ¡pobrecito!
    • the poor dear, he's got the flu el pobrecito tiene gripe
    • Yes unfortunately she died sometime in the night, poor old dear.
    • But Sara didn't know how she could cheer the little dear's father.
    • Sanjuro, I am sure you are much more mature than my own son, so could you be a good sweet dear and pass me that bundt cake pan?
    • The poor old dear was probably out of her mind with worry by now.
    • And people look as if the poor old dear has said something obscene.
    • Oh, he is such a dear.


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