Translation of dearly in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdɪrli//ˈdɪəli/


  • 1

    I love him dearly lo quiero mucho / de verdad
    • we would dearly love to see you again nos encantaría volverte a ver
    • I should dearly like to get my revenge ¡cómo me gustaría vengarme!
    • dearly beloved (amados) hermanos
  • 2

    (at great cost)
    victory was dearly won la victoria costó muy cara
    • he paid dearly for his generosity pagó cara su generosidad
    • That will require a significant investment by them, and again will cost taxpayers dearly.
    • We need to get rid of the stealth taxes that cost the low income families so dearly.
    • He is a victim of his own decisions and actions, which have cost him very dearly.
    • What's more, the fixed cost of a space at home would cost dearly as well.
    • He said it would cost the government dearly to buy and maintain existing roads from private operators.
    • Of course to get a proper valuation would cost money which the applicants can dearly afford.
    • That triumph of spin over substance has cost this administration dearly.
    • He surrendered in October, but it was a prize too dearly bought.
    • But the support of the other members of the world community will be more dearly bought.
    • In the final analysis, though, it was errors in defence that cost the Cougars dearly.
    • What may cost the taxpayer dearly is appointing a new group of politicians to eminent posts with poorly-defined functions.
    • Not having unions to fight for their rights has cost workers dearly, he says.
    • The tiny lunatic fringe that has jumped on the anti-war bandwagon could cost this country dearly.
    • Education is the most stark area where valuing the here-and-now over the future can cost dearly.
    • They were his family, and anyone who tried to hurt them would suffer dearly by his hands.
    • Backs on both sides had dominated the play in that first half and every score had to be bought dearly.
    • But removing a fare-paying passenger to make way for an air miles traveller costs carriers dearly.
    • He had done it the last time, and suffered dearly, no matter how hip people thought it was.
    • This is a very unfortunate error which could cost many firms dearly.
    • Failure to comply with the quota system will cost the excessive drinker dearly.