Translation of death-dealing in Spanish:


mortífero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛθˌdilɪŋ/



  • 1

    • Here was faith, religion and spirituality that was manifesting itself as joyous, life affirming and uplifting, as opposed to militant, oppressive and death-dealing.
    • Countries grow stronger with the inventions of new death-dealing weapons and use them against each other.
    • Some will be siphoned off to fund the death-dealing, torture-happy goon squads now operating on behalf of various factions in the government.
    • He had pictured them sitting by a quiet fire, sipping wine and talking about their death-dealing experience.
    • More artillery, more tanks, more machine-gun fire, ominous death-dealing fighter planes terminating whole city blocks at a time this wasn't a war, it was a massacre!
    • Better to be surprised by God, he or she believes, than to be confirmed in death-dealing suspicions.
    • Early musketeers, of the late 16th and early 17th century, were noted not only for the flamboyance of their dress but also as élite foot soldiers, armed with the latest in death-dealing technology, the matchlock.
    • It is a quite remarkable display of the wildly enthusiastic ingenuity that has gone into the manufacture of every conceivable death-dealing device from World War I to the present day.
    • I remember little of the battle Armor fought with Mars, only that wherever he turned his head, there was another death-dealing weapon in my hand.
    • Even the Bishop of Rustenberg in South Africa denounced this policy as ‘a death-dealing code’.
    • The death-dealing moderniser at home with his stolen scrolls and paintings - what scene could better epitomise the fraud of the Communist Party's claim to moral legitimacy?
    • By holding the mobile to your ear, the death-dealing atomic waves penetrated your skull and a cancer was formed.
    • Hanging from a death-dealing height, dressed in blue, the face an ashen white, the figure seemed to augur worst times ahead.
    • The day when we stop wasting time chasing cannabis users and put all our resources into targeting death-dealing hard-drugs barons is long overdue.
    • Along the way they have adventures with death-dealing demons, false kings, and icy waters before they retrieve the scriptural scrolls.
    • But when the death-dealing barrages became too much they were forced to move to the nearest town.
    • Similarly, a version of that song, commissioned for Children in Need, is a thing of death-dealing tedium.
    • They had just fought the biggest and most death-dealing war imaginable.
    • But earlier wars deployed nothing comparable to the death-dealing armaments and state-backed exterminations of civilians characteristic of twentieth-century conflicts.
    • Meanwhile, of course, the death-dealing economic sanctions also continue.