Translation of death blow in Spanish:

death blow

golpe mortal, n.


  • 1

    golpe mortal masculine
    to deal / deliver a death blow to sb/sth asestar / dar un golpe mortal a algn/algo
    • He charged at the other with his weapon ready to deliver a death blow.
    • Miki stood over Dallas and raised his sword to administer the death blow.
    • Lucian crumpled to the floor just as Rain dealt her death blow.
    • The king grew tired of games and cast a spell that dealt a near death blow to the two, destroying the castle and thrusting its entire rubble into the air.
    • In the final battle in Cornwall he is slain by Arthur but deals the king his death blow.
    • Darkshin got into position to deliver another death blow…
    • But he was gone as fast as he delivered the death blow to his opponent.
    • Jayce grabbed her before she hit the ground and raised his fist, fully intent on delivering the death blow.
    • Delayed by this action, the beasts were about to cast him a death blow until Shadow's enormous, double-bladed axe cut all three into two pieces each with one powerful swipe.
    • The theme moves slower and slower as more arrows pierce Boromir, and comes to a halt as his enemy approaches him, ready to strike the death blow.
    • Maybe you miss once or twice, then you strike the death blow.
    • It being dark, I could not give a death blow; the hatchet glanced from his head, and he sprang from the bed and called his wife.
    • Clem just closed his eyes, waiting for the death blow.
    • It is the smile of a cat who has cornered its prey and is enjoying the fear of the mouse before the death blow.
    • He raised his sword, ready to plunge the death blow and end all of our miseries.
    • With that stone the brute had tried to strike the death blow.
    • They included the heroic Lord Francis Villiers who, knocked off his horse, continued fighting with his back against a tree until receiving his death blow.
    • He was laid low ‘by some of the enemy concealed in a room in the palace’ - only a group of men, hiding in a cowardly fashion, could have given the death blow to such a man!
    • But as they all crowded in to see the dead man on the ground, they noticed several shots riddling his body, Cecil's being the death blow.