Translation of death rattle in Spanish:

death rattle

estertor de la muerte, n.


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    estertor de la muerte masculine
    • Whilst Bernard Levin should be mourned as a writer of some accomplishment, his passing should not be the death rattle for English prose, but a harbinger of better times to come.
    • We in the West believed it was somebody else's problem, an African tribal conflict, but really it was one of the final absurd death rattles of colonialism.
    • A plaintive moan emanating from the engine, a slight smell of burning and a death rattle coming from the exhaust.
    • Bastian only sighed again as the taxi began to slow down and the driver's annoyed mutterings began to be heard over the groaning and death rattles of the engine.
    • He holds aloft a fearsome double-bladed dagger that looks like it could disembowel a horse; his lyrics emerge in an incomprehensible stream as a moaning death rattle.
    • His eyes roll back in his head, and he makes a death rattle.
    • He pulled in one last breath, the death rattle clearly evident, then was silent.
    • There was a raspy sigh that sounded more like a death rattle.
    • For some she had the voice of a heavenly creature; for others she sounded like a whiny but tenacious cat in the throes of death rattle.
    • Listen for the coughing, the groans, the death rattle.
    • Those are the sounds of the great bubble leaking air, the last death rattle of an historic, credit-driven housing extravaganza.
    • We can hear the death rattle and see the body bags coming out.
    • The death rattle that Dalrymple hears is only his warped and evil imagination.
    • My faithful tumble dryer is giving up the ghost, and its sad death rattles are breaking my purse.
    • He laughed, a harsh croaking sound like the death rattle from a blood-choked throat.
    • Conservatives see disentitlement as a recognition of new economic realities - and the death rattle of the Nanny State.
    • While that's certainly not the case, what they will have witnessed is the death rattle of conservatism as a force in American politics.
    • Even a 12-year-old car with a death rattle and all sorts of peculiar tics is better than an overcrowded bus.
    • It was one of those critical moments in science when, if you listen carefully, you can hear the death rattle of long - held assumptions, as they crumble into dust.
    • I tried turning the computer back on, only to hear the distinct sound of my hard drive clicking away feebly to itself, a final death rattle, terminal self-harm.