Translation of debauched in Spanish:


vicioso, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈbɔtʃt//dɪˈbɔːtʃt/


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    • Popped out in the garden today to mow the lawn and generally get some exercise after a rather debauched weekend and noticed with glee that the four potatoes I stuck in the ground a few weeks ago have turned into plants.
    • The average Las Vegas vacation is already a debauched combination of gambling, sex and alcohol.
    • His successors - despite, or because of, debauched lifestyles - were unable to fulfil the basic task of breeding.
    • Still being in their 20s always helps even if their debauched lifestyle of drink and drugs should have pretty much killed them by now.
    • Families from hell, adolescent angst and pre-teen mothers can also be found in the middle ages, along with debauched monks and cheeky kids.
    • In fact, after I'd had the stroke I wished I'd lived a more debauched life, then I might have deserved it,’ she says, jokingly.
    • But what have I, a continuing PhD, done to deserve to join in the debauched bacchanalian revelry of undergrads?
    • The result is a debased, debauched culture which finds moral depravity entertaining and virtue contemptible.
    • So back in London I am - working at the moment - for what may well be my final debauched weekend for a good long while.
    • The movie concentrates on Rochester's lascivious and debauched adventures in London, gallivanting about with other aristocratic hedonists.
    • In the parable, the younger son of a wealthy family requests his inheritance in advance and leaves home to go to the city, where he leads an extravagant and debauched life, and spends every cent.
    • Welsh and Gibson came up with eight characters and a typically debauched storyline that begins in 1985 when two Edinburgh teenagers run away to Blackpool and hook up with a Scottish goalkeeper and two prostitutes.
    • His work was included in numerous exhibitions, including one-man shows, and he became a well-known figure in the art world, but he fell seriously ill in 1906-a result of his debauched life - and stopped painting.
    • His debauched antics are beginning to catch up with him as his fed-up pregnant girl-friend has banned him from his own house!
    • Professing not to know that his nubile young companion on one particularly debauched evening was a call girl is even worse than knowing, and then trying to brazen your way out of it.
    • It all began with an innocent Xmas dinner, which turned into a rather debauched affair.
    • In an effort to sell his friend's art, he bumbles into a debauched carnival of sex and drugs.
    • Instead it turned into an orgy of debauched excess.
    • Published in 1819, John Polidor's The Vampyre is the tale of a decadent, debauched aristocrat.
    • Her excessive libido and debauched lifestyle are now discussed with unprecedented enthusiasm and indiscretion.