Translation of debenture in Spanish:


obligación, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈbɛn(t)ʃər//dɪˈbɛntʃə/


  • 1

    obligación feminine
    bono masculine
    debenture masculine Chile
    before noun debenture bond bono masculine
    • debenture capital capital en obligaciones
    • debenture holder obligacionista
    • Today these phantom bonds total about $3.2 trillion, or 42 percent of the government's total outstanding debentures.
    • Traders in the bond division may have sub-specializations, such as government or corporate money market instruments or bonds, or even such instruments as debentures.
    • The finance company is unable to repay their debenture due to defaults on their loan book, so they are unable to recoup their principal.
    • Debt takes many forms - from bonds, debentures, bank loans and notes payable, to other more complicated forms of debt units.
    • The Philadelphia-based MSO in late December sold $1.3 billion in convertible debentures to replace existing debt.
  • 2

    (customs voucher)
    certificado de aduanas masculine