Translation of debit in Spanish:


débito, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈdɛbɪt//ˈdɛbɪt/


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    débito masculine
    cargo masculine
    before noun debit balance saldo deudor
    • debit entry débito
    • debit note nota de cargo
    • on the debit side entre los aspectos negativos
    • On the contrary, these are among the most lamentable debits on the balance sheet of empire.
    • Mr Shaw agreed that, if the solicitor did not post such a debit to the office side of the ledger, there would be a credit balance on the office side of the ledger.
    • A deficit could also stem from a rise in investments from abroad and increased obligations by the local economy to pay investment income (a debit under income in the current account).
    • The point is that accounting is not as simple as debits and credits.
    • As is now done, debits were recorded on the left page and credits on the right one.
    • The debit column in Boroughmuir's ledger has a few entries this morning, but there is nothing there to suggest they are near bankrupt.
    • Prior to the switch, the narrative of the account often reported the amounts in dollars while the debit and credit entries would continue using British currency.
    • Consequently, the coal account registered, on its debit side, production expenses and, in a later phase, also the general expenses and selling expenses.
    • By the time of the forfeiture in August 1995 Mr Jaura had an overdraft of £3,125 and a debit on his loan account of some £45,000.
    • The other reports deal with accounts that have negative equity - that is, the debit in the account exceeds the market value of the securities held in the account.
    • The small debit left on the account was cancelled as an ‘out trade resolution’.
    • The second section was the ledger, consisting of all accounts and their debit and credit entries.
    • The sawmill ledger included a chair account containing a few debits and numerous credits for various types of chairs, likely fashioned from the sawmill's output.
    • To be a player in this electronic financial landscape, one just has to borrow and lend money in the markets - create a balance sheet of entries on the vast electronic ledger of debits and credits.
    • As such, a deficit may be a result of the claims foreigners have on the local economy (recorded as a debit in the current account).
    • The debit entries from a page in Cottin's account book have been translated in Table 2.
    • Instead, they saw, and only infrequently, the madam's account book, listing debits and credits, with the larger totals in the debit column.
    • Alternatively, the page was divided into two columns for recording debits and credits.
    • This is not a formal accounting journal with debits and credits.
    • The opposite is true when a country receives capital: paying a return on a said investment would be noted as a debit in the current account.

transitive verb

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    to debit a sum against / to an account debitar una cantidad de una cuenta
    • they debited my account with the sum debitaron la suma de mi cuenta
    • I was debited with $100 me cargaron / debitaron 100 dólares