Translation of decadence in Spanish:


decadencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛkədəns//ˈdɛkəd(ə)ns/


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    decadencia feminine
    I consider breakfast in bed the height of decadence para mí desayunar en la cama es el colmo del sibaritismo / hedonismo
    • Besides the mother/daughter role reversal, much of the show's comedy derived from women indulging in unashamed decadence, hedonism and outrageous, unladylike behaviour in the absence of men.
    • Chocolate will never go out of style, and as the trends of indulgence and decadence continue to impact the nation's eating habits, chocolate continues to be a predominant flavor in new dairy products.
    • AVOCADO AND BACON This is for people who love their food and see the sandwich's potential for utter indulgence and decadence.
    • Best of all is taking the private lift up to the Penthouse, a suite built into a turret which combines cosiness and sheer decadence.
    • Dinner here is pure, pure decadence.
    • Luxurious decadence is mostly wasted on you, Virgos.
    • This lower-St-Laurent restaurant-bar offers up a night of sheer decadence.
    • In a moment of sheer decadence I eat cheese on toast in bed.
    • As an ingredient, it adds decadence to our dairy desserts, a sweet richness to our dairy beverages.
    • On arrival the sheer decadence of this place gave a great wow factor.
    • To sail in luxurious decadence, try the Symphonia, a 112-foot yacht that sleeps ten.
    • It doesn't have that luxurious feeling of decadence like having coffee and scones at 3.30 when everyone else is working.