Translation of Decalogue in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛkəˌlɑɡ//ˈdɛkəlɒɡ//ˈdɛkəˌlɔɡ/


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    the Decalogue el Decálogo
    • What relation does the Decalogue have to our understanding of God's will today?
    • There is considerable debate in the U.S. whether the Decalogue should be posted in public schools, public parks, government offices, etc, and under which circumstances posting is constitutional.
    • The Decalogue contains the essence of the Greek philosophers understanding of the moral life, which they called the good-life.
    • Using the example of a veiled Moses descending from Mount Sinai after receiving the Decalogue (Exodus 33.29 - 35), Paul talks about the need for Christological understanding to ‘open up’ the Law and the Prophets to their interior, spiritual meaning.
    • Not long ago the Decalogue was a venerable standard of morality acknowledged by all.