Translation of deceive in Spanish:


engañar, v.

Pronunciation /dɪˈsiːv//dəˈsiv/

transitive verb

  • 1

    he was deceived by her story se dejó engañar por lo que le contó
    • I thought he loved me, but I was deceived creía que me quería pero estaba engañada
    • to deceive sb into-ing engañar a algn para que + subj
    • she was deceived into handing over the money la engañaron para que entregara el dinero
    • they deceived him into believing that she was dead le hicieron creer que estaba muerta
    • she's deceiving her husband engaña a su marido
    • to be deceived in sb
    • I have been deceived in you, Paul me has defraudado, Paul
    • if I'm not deceived in her, she'll make a good leader si no me engaño / equivoco, será una buena líder
    • to deceive oneself engañarse
    • Many have justifiable ethical concerns about deliberately deceiving patients regarding the nature of their treatment.
    • In other walks of life when people set out deliberately to deceive people, it gets called ‘deceit’.
    • In any event the document found in its records convinced the Pope that Galileo had deliberately deceived him.
    • Make a list of who told you what, and determine if anyone has something to gain by deceiving you.
    • They have been cruelly deceived by an industry that doesn't care and a government that doesn't seem to understand.
    • Indeed it is also clear that your representatives were deliberately lying when making these statements, and thus deliberately intending to deceive members of the public.
    • He had tried to deceive employers and police by changing his middle name from Phillip to Clayton.
    • ‘It's difficult to catch someone who is deliberately trying to deceive you,’ Mr. Rosenstiel said.
    • When asked to produce his driving licence, Smith, 41, admitted he had deceived his insurers into believing he was a motorcyclist with several years' experience.
    • Whatever goodwill Tom might have toward the situation will surely evaporate should he find out that she has been deliberately deceiving him.
    • Is deceiving a patient about her true medical condition, in the interest of promoting an optimistic attitude, likely to increase her chances of recovery?
    • It really is important for people to be aware there are people out there willing to deceive our elderly residents.
    • ‘I was deceived by this person, and I want my money back,’ Mr Khudier said.
    • Peter could be charged with a number of offences under the Theft Acts 1968 and 1978, as he has clearly deceived his bank manager.
    • He helped disguise loans as sales in order to boost the company's revenue - on paper - and thereby deceive the public as well as government regulators.
    • The campaign, launched by the Office of Fair Trading, aims to draw attention to unscrupulous holiday clubs that deliberately deceive consumers and pressurise them into membership.
    • When it comes to deceiving the public, it is obvious that neither political party has a monopoly: both are equally duplicitous.
    • The embattled minister refused to be drawn yesterday on accusations that he had deceived the public before the election when he insisted that no spending cuts were planned.
    • You stole from and deceived patients and colleagues and deliberately covered up your actions.
    • For a moment, she had believed him… but she couldn't let him deceive her again, it couldn't be true - he didn't love her.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    appearances can deceive las apariencias engañan
    • No, my friends, your eyes are not deceiving you.
    • If you can make out a soft purr, or a meow, or maybe the gentle sound of milk being lapped up from a dish, do not assume that your ears are deceiving you.
    • I thought my eyes were deceiving me, as, in the far distance I spied what looked like rows of silver pods suspended against the dark hills.
    • Don't let its looks deceive you: aloe vera is, in fact, a member of the lily family.
    • I moved closer to the screen, not sure if my eyes were deceiving me.
    • But a word of caution - the season continues well into November so don't let the good start deceive you.
    • Mrs Atkinson is also sure that her eyes were not deceiving her.
    • Your gut instincts won't deceive you - but the conclusions you draw from them, and decisions you make, may.
    • His looks may deceive you into thinking he is still in his teens but 32-year-old Angus is a father of two boys Niquan two and Shaquan four.
    • Pat Fenlon advanced a small bit but seemed to have the ball covered, however the ball deceived him and ended up in the St Mullins net.
    • Microsoft argues that our memories often deceive us: experiences get exaggerated, we muddle the timing of events and simply forget stuff.
    • What's strange is that, for some odd reason, my memory is deceiving me.
    • For the first few minutes of the men's match, I thought my eyes were deceiving me - these were the fastest, most athletic soccer players I had ever seen.
    • That is, (if the obtuse language doesn't deceive me), within the law.
    • After watching the pilot DVD in stunned silence, I had to check a few episodes on disk 2 of the four DVD set, just to make sure that my eyes hadn't deceived me.
    • No, your eyes do not deceive you - 85 games crammed on to one disc, a task made easier because most take up only a few megabytes each, but it is still a bargain.
    • Well, just to see if my memory deceived me, I bought Isn't Anything on CD having long since lost my cassette of it.
    • The fact that we stopped gabbling for 15 minutes says it all, and in the intervening week I've been tempted to hop in my car and drive for an hour and a half just to check that my tastebuds weren't deceiving me.
    • Bethany, are my eyes deceiving me, or is that Tara talking to David Walker?
    • Stanley winger Rory Prendergast opened the scoring on 24 minutes with a low drive from outside the box that deceived Altrincham keeper Richard Acton.