Translation of decency in Spanish:


decencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdisənsi//ˈdiːs(ə)nsi/


  • 1

    (of dress, conduct)
    decencia feminine
    decoro masculine
    an affront to human decency una afrenta contra la dignidad humana
    • Common decency, though, suggests that he should provide something for her.
    • Police have the power to take action against offenders for outraging public decency or indecent exposure.
    • In fact the art of draping a patient for warmth and decency and a professional barrier seem to be no more.
    • She has no hang-ups about working on the margins of decency, however.
    • There are a range of poo jokes we are going to avoid for the sake of decency.
    • She was with a man who seemed as oblivious to public decency as she was, kissing and fondling her as they walked.
    • Suddenly I was sick of being cold and wet, and I just didn't care enough to bother with decency.
    • Mic had the decency to blush, at least, though it didn't make me feel any less annoyed.
    • The case for equal treatment is not about political correctness, but about human decency.
    • At least they have had the decency to come clean, and I respect that.
    • It seems to be the trend to rebel against all forms of tidiness, etiquette and decency.
    • We are committed to creating a culture of respect and decency within prisons both for staff and prisoners.
    • Here too, it seems, is a force for decency and civility that needs support.
    • The Sixties completely wiped away the notion that virginity was essential to respectability and decency.
    • Obscenity had previously been understood in terms of prevailing standards of decency.
    • But he has steadfastly refused to lower his high standards of morality and decency.
    • We must treat those bereaved by crime or disaster with decency and courtesy.
    • It is a vision of horror that, while it might offend our sense of taste and decency, can ultimately only evoke our compassion.
    • For this they were hauled up in a New York court on either obscenity or public decency charges.
    • Well, at least they had the decency to apologise.
    • Decadence remains an acquired taste, whereas decency is as fundamental as common sense.
    • Police are now investigating an alleged offence of outraging public decency.
    • Even if she did already have a boyfriend, she could've at least had the decency to tell him.
    • The press is overstepping in every direction the obvious bounds of propriety and of decency.
    • She had the decency to cover herself with a brightly coloured, beaded shawl but it hardly helped.
    • It is all about keeping up standards of decency, having respect for women and setting a good example to children.
    • An anarchic streak coexists with respect for decency and civility.
    • What harm is there in trying to live a good life and to maintain public decency?
    • Up to now, the Post Office has not even had the decency to reply to me directly.
    • Last year he promised to instil respect and decency in Scottish society.
    • If you were someone in public life who had any decency or any standards, you would resign.
    • Well, if he couldn't help saying it, he might at least have had the decency to deny it when asked, but didn't.
    • Her belief that standards and decency were important brought her into conflict with some of the accepted norms of her day.
    • Indeed, it shows her decency and loyalty to colleagues that she did not publicly blame her junior for the error.
    • A jury of six men and six women took just an hour to decide that he was innocent of a charge of committing an act outraging public decency.
    • The participation of girls and young women in gymnastic exhibitions was judged as contrary to public decency.
    • Girls from respectable families follow a clear code of conduct adhering to propriety and decency.
    • She has educated staff on treating people with respect and decency and she has set extremely high standards for prisoners.
    • I am not conventionally religious, but I do have a very strong faith in the essential decency of humanity.
    • Police have already vowed to prosecute people for outraging public decency.
  • 2

    buena educación feminine
    consideración feminine
    it's no more than common decency no es más que una cuestión de elemental (buena) educación
    • she didn't even have the decency to ask me ni siquiera tuvo la consideración de preguntarme
  • 3decencies plural

    (proper conduct)
    convenciones sociales feminine
    to observe the decencies guardar las formas