Translation of declaration in Spanish:


declaración, n.

Pronunciation /ˌdɛkləˈreɪʃ(ə)n//dɛkləˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (statement, announcement)
    declaración feminine
    a declaration of intent una declaración de intenciones
    • a customs declaration una declaración de aduanas
    • the declaration (of the poll) la lectura del resultado (electoral)
    • the Declaration of Independence la Declaración de la Independencia
    • he made a declaration of his love for her le declaró su amor
    • This meeting was arranged following the sensational declaration by chairman John Stabler that the club had folded as of Tuesday night.
    • He made the declarations while responding to reporters' questions on the bilateral debt forgiveness agreement during yesterday's post-Cabinet news conference at Whitehall.
    • I do not believe this to be true; common courtesy would demand at least a declaration of intent between the heads of the two departments chiefly involved.
    • Costa Rica joined other Central American provinces in 1821 in a joint declaration of independence from Spain.
    • My declaration at the press conference took everyone by surprise as I had not given any prior hints.
    • By June 1776 their efforts had become hopeless and a committee was formed to compose a formal declaration of independence.
    • We need an official declaration that we are innocent.
    • At the declaration of the poll on November 18, Dias openly stated that the campaigns of the major parties had been based on lies and deceit.
    • Now is probably not the time for declarations of aggressive intent.
    • He sees today's offer as a declaration of war by the Federal Government.
    • At present, the declaration of a state of emergency must be renewed monthly by a parliamentary majority.
    • But will his declarations of love melt her icy heart?
    • He issued new declarations of love and promised to tell Ms. Turner about their relationship.
    • The elections were so clearly rigged that six of the main opposition parties made a joint declaration on election day denouncing electoral fraud and withdrawing their candidates.
    • But it will be months before Mr Imbert can make an impact on this vast ministry, his best intentions and hopeful declarations notwithstanding.
    • Eight months later, and following several declarations that he would not stand, Howard had become convinced that his time had finally come.
    • He was chief minister of Madras 1937-9, but resigned as part of Congress's protest against the British declaration of war against Germany on India's behalf.
    • Hitler's Polish campaign, and then the attack on the USSR, were launched without formal declarations of war.
    • Marriage and civil union, of course, have an explicit declaration of commitment and interdependence that may be missing in a de facto relationship.
    • The Croatian declaration of independence, however, was met with a war that lasted into 1992.
    • Despite his frequent declarations of love, the only qualities Russell seems to admire in Kay are her beauty, her sexuality, and her unobtainability.
    • Instead of speaking at the declaration of the poll he addressed the electors only later from his hotel.
    • The king was told to demand that his brother-in-law renounce all treaties hostile to France and make public declaration of his peaceful intentions.
    • On 14 April 1849 the Hungarians issued a formal declaration of independence and deposed the Habsburgs.
    • The first Japanese attack took place after diplomatic relations had been broken off but before the formal declaration of war.
    • Following the declaration by the returning officer, I am greatly honoured and privileged to be elected as the Kennet councillor for the Ogbourne ward.
    • Families have said they want a public declaration that the victims were innocent, and that surely will happen this time.
    • Border clashes began in 1928 and in 1932, despite mediation efforts, full-scale war erupted, although formal declarations of war were not made until 1933.
    • February 16 is Lithuanian Independence Day, marking the formal declaration of independence in 1918.
    • The German-Soviet war in 1941 brought hopes of freedom and even a declaration of independence in western Ukraine.
    • The words ‘directly chosen by the people’… are to be read, therefore, as referring to a process - the process which commences when an election is called, and ends with the declaration of the poll.
    • This was the closest the US ever came to a formal declaration of war.
    • Johnson took King's attack as a declaration of war and responded in kind.
    • It is not the Chair's prerogative to determine the declaration of a vote.
    • February 24 is celebrated as Estonian Independence Day, marking the formal declaration of Estonian independence in 1918.
    • Here he received the backing of the duke of Burgundy, his brother-in-law, who was also threatened by a Franco-Lancastrian declaration of war.
    • It seems he's decided to make up for lost time by backing up his first proposal with several very public declarations of his intentions.
    • The learned Attorney General finally submitted that a returning officer has no power to conduct a recount once the declaration of the poll declaring a candidate to be duly elected has been made.
    • The king's raising of his standard at Nottingham on 20 August was the formal declaration of war.
    • Similarly, under a series of Supreme Court decisions, civilians cannot be court-martialed in the absence of a formal declaration of war.
    • It must be a matter of minutes now to the declaration of the poll.
    • In March 1990 a unilateral declaration of independence was made.
    • And his often-conflicting statements undermine the credibility of his public declarations.
    • There were no maudlin declarations of love or anything of that sort…yet still it was made clear on both sides how important the other was and how much our time together meant.
    • Now everyone can finally go to bed… except for me, because I'm still waiting for the official declaration in my own constituency.
    • ‘ANOTHER world is possible’ is the ringing declaration of the anti-capitalist movement.
    • To that end, it was decided to mount a surprise attack on the Russian fleet, without a formal declaration of war.
    • She can't even look at him when he makes his declarations of love.
  • 2

    • 2.1Law

      pronunciamiento (oficial) masculine

    • 2.2Law

      declaración feminine
      • Before the breakdown, a draft declaration was issued to force member countries to cut farm subsidies.
      • For example, the Helsinki summit declaration envisions a multinational planning staff to collect information and make assessments.
      • The declaration is an agreement signed by many colleges to carry out initiatives designed to promote environmentalism.
      • Meanwhile, delegates also decided that a third preparatory committee meeting would be necessary because of the slow progress in drafting the declaration and programme of action.
      • The Convention went into force in 1981 while a non-binding Declaration was adopted in 1963.
      • Nevertheless, the plaintiffs sought a declaration that they were entitled to the benefit of that covenant and an order restraining the defendants from building in breach of it.
      • Thus, in 1933 Gadamer, along with other Marburg professors, signed a public declaration of allegiance to the National Socialist state.
      • An annex to the declaration sets out terms for the further devolution of security and government.
      • I will dismiss the claim of the claimants for a declaration to the opposite effect.
      • He requires that any journalist entering the country sign a declaration agreeing to report only on cricket and steer clear of politics.
      • People must sign the declaration attached to the ballot paper or their vote will not be valid and will not be counted.
      • The plaintiff requests a declaration in her draft amended statement of claim.
      • International agreements, including declarations on human rights, are only binding on the nation states that agree them so long as each is satisfied it can interpret the agreement to suit its own perceptions and interests.
      • Although he held four rounds of talks with Vajpayee, extending his stay, the two leaders failed to thrash out an agreement or a joint declaration by the end of the historic summit.
      • He called on London and Dublin to stick by the terms of their joint declaration.
      • The court granted a declaration to the plaintiff.
      • By cross-motion the plaintiff sought a declaration that the settlement and final release were void.
      • They signed a joint declaration pledging to strengthen relations between their two countries and enhance cooperation in counter-terrorism.
      • The Bishop of Bradford is among church leaders putting their signatures to a declaration urging voters to use their votes responsibly in June.
      • Mozer said that even though the party leaders did not sign a declaration or an agreement, it was very important that they had discussed their positions and relations.
      • Robbery victims reporting crimes to Humberside Police are to become the first in Yorkshire to be forced to sign a new declaration leaving them open to prosecution and a possible jail term if they are lying.
      • The declaration was made public just two days before the newly ratified Treaty of Nice came into effect.
      • The signing of the Rome declaration marks the beginning of a fundamentally new relationship between Russia and NATO.
      • Later the leaders signed a joint declaration pledging to extend co-operation in economic, security and cultural areas.
      • As you pointed out, the United States was not explicitly mentioned in the summit declaration.

  • 3

    (in bridge)
    declaración feminine
    • He then discards any 3 cards, excluding 4 point cards (kings, or the 1,21, or 22 of trumps), those used in declarations, or trumps.