Translation of declare in Spanish:


declarar, v.

Pronunciation: /dɪˈklɛr//dɪˈklɛː/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(state, announce)

      (intention) declarar
      (opinion) manifestar
      the company declared a dividend of 3% la compañía fijó un dividendo del 3%
      • the government has declared a state of emergency el gobierno ha declarado el estado de emergencia
      • to declare war declarar la guerra
      • to declare war on / against sb/sth declararle la guerra a algn/algo
      • they declared her (to be) the winner la declararon ganadora
      • the museum was officially declared open el museo fue inaugurado oficialmente
      • he declared himself to her se le declaró
      • they declared themselves against the plan se declararon / se pronunciaron en contra del plan
      • He argues that we should declare war on specific aggressors in precise and specific language.
      • Two years later, the congress formally declared the independence of the United Provinces from Spain.
      • But it is too soon to declare victory and move on.
      • States sharing a border with Mexico are declaring states of emergency - not for natural disasters, but to deal with the consequences of illegal immigration.
      • Buenos Aires formally declared independence from Spain on July 9, 1816.
      • In 1918, Lithuania formally declared independence, which was granted by both Germany and the Soviet Union.
      • But the GDC has to rely on foreign dentists declaring themselves if they have a criminal conviction.
      • He declared a state of emergency and imposed restrictions on freedoms of the press, speech and expression and the freedom to assemble peacefully.
      • The Consultative Council on National Security was due yesterday to discuss Macedonia - as Bulgaria's western neighbour lingered on the brink of declaring a state of war.
      • I wonder if the government has yet declared a State of Emergency.
      • Within days, blockades at Britain's oil refineries had drained every garage of fuel, threatened the health service, food supplies and industry and brought the government to the brink of declaring a state of emergency.
      • Dozens of cultures and beliefs made Indonesia a nation long before it declared Independence on August 17, 1945.
      • For its part, the Public Employees Association declared a 24-hour strike for April 26.
      • Bahrain officially declared its independence on 14 August of that year.
      • For more than 30 years, until Eritrea declared Independence on May 23, 1993, the country was at war with Ethiopia.
      • At around 6 p.m. Buenos Aires time, 19 hours after declaring a state of siege, De la Rua announced his intention to resign.
      • Sometimes it was worth declaring myself and enduring the ‘No, I'm not interested’ conversation so I could emerge raw, bleeding and free on the other side.
      • The Boers declared war on Britain on October 9, 1899, and peace was not declared until May 31, 1902.
      • He announced Monday that he will declare a state of emergency and dissolve parliament if a political compromise is not reached by July 20.
      • He's had a big following within the gay community because he was early on such a proponent of the idea of coming out of the closet and declaring yourself.
      • When faced with serious disasters, countries often declare a formal state of emergency.
      • After Gwen and I argued over Rick we declared a truce, and to make sure the truce got off to a good start we invited other people to join us for dinner that evening.
      • After the rebels launched new attacks on police and army positions, the government declared a state of emergency and ordered the army to put down the rebels last November.

    • 1.2(acknowledge for tax reasons)

      (income/goods) declarar
      nothing to declare nada que declarar
      • The Inland Revenue head office tells me that all taxable income that must be declared on your tax return counts towards the limit.
      • You are supposed to declare all rental income from a property in France to the French government.
      • TAX collectors have declared war on amateur traders who are failing to declare their income, accountants warned last week.
      • But officials admit they cannot keep track of how much is exported, as few are willing to pay export taxes or declare their income.
      • The Revenue will also examine whether Irish residents have declared rental income on foreign property.
      • The interest you earn is tax free, which means that you keep every penny you receive, plus you don't have to declare this income on your tax return, which cuts down on paperwork.
      • Tax evasion is when you do something illegal, like not declaring income.
      • Mrs D doesn't have to declare this income on her tax return, as it is tax free, which is a bonus.
      • It's only illegal if one doesn't declare the offshore income in one's annual tax return and pay tax at home.
      • We do not deny that Mr Perkins should have declared the income.
      • It follows reports that they failed to declare income from the sub-let of their constituency offices in Eastwood and Dumfries for at least a year.
      • This is partly because 80 per cent of assessees have agriculture-based income that is not declared.
      • The court was told White filled in and signed one claim form seven months after starting work as a police officer and did not declare her income.
      • According to the Municipal Systems Act of 2000 the municipality decides which financial interests are to be publicly declared and which are to be kept private.
      • Any income should be declared to the tax authorities in the country you plan to live in.
      • Examining whether rental income had been declared on the properties was a smaller part of the investigation, the spokesman said.
      • Anyone choosing this option will have to declare the income to the Inland Revenue and pay tax at their normal rate on it.
      • Offshore trusts are not illegal, but individuals must declare income earned from the trust to the Irish tax authorities.
      • Under regulations, adopted by Parliament, lawyers, prosecutors and magistrates are to declare incomes and property with the National Audit Office.
      • In an attempt to curb the significant number of landlords throughout Italy who haven't been declaring rental income, new legislation has been enacted.

  • 2

    (in bridge)
    (trumps) declarar

intransitive verb

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  • 2

    (announce candidacy)
    anunciar su candidatura
  • 3

    (take sides)
    to declare for / against sb/sth declararse / pronunciarse a favor / en contra de algn/algo
  • 4dated

    well, I (do) declare! ¡válgame Dios! dated
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    (in bridge)