Translation of declassify in Spanish:


Pronunciation /diːˈklasɪfʌɪ//diˈklæsəˌfaɪ/

transitive verbdeclassifying, declassified, declassifies

  • 1

    levantar el secreto oficial que rige sobre
    the information has been declassified el público tiene ahora libre acceso a la información
    • The American Freedom of Information Act declassified the trial records.
    • Fifty years later, the German government still refuses to declassify its own records on the subject.
    • The law requires the State Department to declassify this material, and yet it is failing to do so.
    • Sometimes there are national security documents that won't be declassified for years.
    • Only the president can declassify information.
    • Consequently, I have determined that it is in the public interest and the best interest of law enforcement to declassify this information.
    • Experience shows that commissions require, on average, a year or two to report their results - and even more time to declassify their reports so they can be released for public discussion.
    • To some extent, the U.S. has already embarked on this effort by declassifying thousands of pages of official documents.
    • The CIA refuses to declassify the documents involved.
    • Teller also proposes that the majority of classified UFO documents should be declassified.
    • The former Soviet KGB archives that have been recently declassified prove their guilt.
    • The U.S. State Department has just declassified government documents from the mid 1960s.
    • Specifically, she noted that Congress does, in fact, have the authority to declassify information.
    • It could be a while before the government declassifies information about its ‘secret ‘underground bases there.
    • Though they were declassified in 1998, this is the first time that the documents have been made public.
    • But prior to publication, all documents from the Presidential Archive are declassified, as are documents held in the archives of the former KGB.
    • The material was a vital source of intelligence on the Soviet bloc for many years during the Cold War and was only declassified by Nato 10 years ago.
    • Since 1976, the Foreign Ministry has declassified diplomatic documents when they become roughly 30 years old.
    • Some relevant documents have now been declassified, however.
    • The story was only pieced together when German and New Zealand records were declassified in the early 1980s.