Translation of decorate in Spanish:


pintar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛkəˌreɪt//ˈdɛkəreɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (house/room) (with paint) pintar
      (room/house) (with wallpaper) empapelar
      • Two teams of employees from Magnet were given just two days each to help fit a new kitchen and decorate the common room at the Robert Ogden School at Thurnscoe, near Barnsley.
      • And just tell me when I will find the time to paint and decorate the house.
      • Adjoining the Music room gallery is a spectacularly decorated Music Room.
      • We suspect it was one of the last rooms decorated by the previous owners as they readied the house for sale.
      • So far they have only managed to decorate one-and-a-half rooms of the 21-room house they bought overlooking Kelvingrove Park last year.
      • I helped decorate a few rooms in my ex-girlfriends' house.
      • She has sensitive skin and felt a reaction to the white spirit she was using to clean paint brushes while decorating her home last October.
      • How can I paint or decorate her room to give it some color?
      • Geoffrey Taylor's father was an artist who designed and decorated the public rooms in ocean liners.
      • The group are decorating a room in the building and cleaning up the surrounding outdoor area.
      • During the visit, volunteers from the ship went ashore in North Belfast and spent a day painting and decorating a newly-refurbished church hall.
      • The middle room is decorated with flowered wallpaper and has a high ceiling.
      • The hotel room was decorated with pale yellow wallpaper and white painted wooden decoration.
      • I suppose I'll have to get down to the boring things like having this place painted and decorated and any building work done.
      • Darbar is not decorated with flocked wallpaper, nor is the floor padded with a swirly-patterned burgundy carpet.
      • Kimmi dragged her stuff into a room that what was decorated with floral wallpaper.
      • Nutgrove Park is decorated in warm colours and has a number of attractive features.
      • She said the nominations received to date were very worthy ones, including a man who helped out at a local school, working with the children as well as decorating the building.
      • Both of these rooms have been decorated with floral wallpaper and have ornate ceiling coving.
      • When you think about decorating a room at home, do you reach for the paint pot and brush, or hanker after a stylish roll of wallpaper?

    • 1.2

      (hat/Christmas tree) adornar
      (hat/Christmas tree) decorar Latin America
      (cake) decorar
      • This will be a festive occasion and it is hoped that the people of the town will decorate their windows and put out flowers and other symbols of welcome.
      • They decorate the tree with lights and ornaments and then they place gifts under it.
      • In the evenings, the place wears a festive look, with colourful lights decorating the trees, and the entire front wall of the building.
      • The exposed side was decorated with a very beautiful scene showing the Pharaoh in front of the god Amun.
      • Matched pairs of smaller tables and ornaments decorate each side, the objects on the left referring to the New Testament, and, to the right, the Old Testament.
      • Well, the marble floors were white, and he had those silver ornaments, which decorated every inch of the apartment.
      • Steven's eyes scanned the room immediately for people they knew, while Donnie starred amazed at the lights and tinsel decorating the flat.
      • That's why we decided this year to really go to town and decorate the front of the house just to make it more memorable for her.
      • Another attractive alternative is to decorate short lengths of board with old tiles.
      • She walked up the stairs and to the beautifully decorated tree in the parlor.
      • These chests were beautifully decorated, at first mainly made of wood, with iron hinges, locks and strappings.
      • It was made out of exquisite gold, sculptures and ornaments decorating it.
      • The girls decorated them beautifully and when dried they can be used as candle holders.
      • Children decorated the tree with lights, baubles, tinsels, snow and pretend gifts yesterday.
      • The Hilton lobby was decorated beautifully with a huge Christmas tree, Santas and a balloon snowman.
      • Now what you need from these fairs at this time of year are the traditional ornaments to decorate your house for the New Year.
      • The tables were elaborately decorated with beautiful flower arrangements.
      • Stars hung from the ceiling interwoven with fairy lights and glitter decorated every surface.
      • They were decorated beautifully and lit up with different coloured globes and different ribbons.
      • ‘I wanted my husband to plant a big spruce so that at Christmas I could decorate it with lights,’ she says.

  • 2

    (award medal to)
    to decorate sb for sth condecorar a algn por algo
    • The film ends as Leia dressed in an elaborate dress with a plunging neckline decorates Han Solo and Luke with medals.
    • He was decorated with many medals, and he had all his weapons with him as well.
    • He was decorated with the Croix de Guerre and the bronze star medal from the USA.
    • It was claimed by later writers on Plato's life that he was decorated for bravery in battle during this period of his life.
    • He is a fine athlete and a Vietnam combat veteran who was decorated for bravery.
    • He was wounded and decorated for bravery in a vicious battle five days after the landings.
    • Wirth served in World War One on the Western Front where he was decorated for bravery.
    • After the war Popov was decorated and awarded British citizenship.
    • He was injured during both of the battles at El Alamein and he was never decorated for bravery in continuing to carry out his job.
    • The students were told to defend Paris and Léger was decorated for his bravery defending the capital.

intransitive verb

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    (paint) pintar
    (hang wallpaper) empapelar