Translation of decorous in Spanish:


decoroso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛkərəs//ˈdɛk(ə)rəs/



  • 1

    (dress/conduct) decoroso
    • Reading this polished and sometimes decorous narrative, it is hard for the modern reader to see why it ever had such an impact.
    • We're not just talking about a polite and decorous way to find a New Year's date in a matter of mere weeks.
    • In Tokyo's hothouse atmosphere decorous behaviour brought from home is jettisoned.
    • Store policies reveal a concern with establishing an orderly social space in which workers and consumers engaged in decorous, purposeful transactions.
    • If the result is a style that is overly mannered, decorous, cautious and middle-aged, then this is the price they pay for their infatuation.
    • The flag waving was decorous, the cheering polite and the umpire was never once insulted.
    • After all, she'd essentially refused to look him in the eye earlier, deciding to be proper and decorous instead of curious.
    • Only after victory does he begin, clearly on the advice of his handlers, to adopt a more decorous manner.
    • Further in front, children receiving their First Communion displayed a mixture of decorous behaviour and occasional outbursts of cheerful chanting in praise of their hero.
    • He then proceeded to eat his dinner using bread and his fingers in a decorous manner, much to my sons' delight and fascination.
    • The young woman's acceptance of the cigarette, indoors and among her friends, was a statement of mild daring; during her wedding and the following celebrations, she was suitably decorous.
    • Such a decorous manner of doing business is of course, oh so Edinburgh and oh so out of date.
    • Some of the sadhus were distinctly scary - like the Aghoris with their bells and boar tusks and magic mantras, who insulted their amused but decorous Nepalese audience.
    • Those who are constantly ‘nice’, seemly and decorous, suppress their natural instincts.
    • My general feelings toward Hollywood have changed dramatically for the better after a decorous Academy Awards presentation last night.
    • Agatha, Apted's next film, is a much more decorous and gentle crime film, a fictionalised version of the disappearance of mystery writer Agatha Christie in 1926.
    • Consequently, women are expected to be decorous, modest, and discreet.
    • As she was singing - in a very decorous, quiet manner, in keeping with the Puritan distrust of the secular arts - her mother opened their back door.
    • ‘It looks like a cowpat,’ said the decorous Englishman who ordered it, ‘but it tastes good.’
    • His personality seemed in harmony with his mild decorous manner but it hid totally unsuspected depths.