Translation of decrease in Spanish:


disminuir, v.

Pronunciation: /dəˈkris//dɪˈkriːs/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (in quantity)
    (amount/numbers/output) disminuir
    (numbers/output/amount) decrecer
    (prices) bajar
    (speed) disminuir
    • The tropopause can be defined as the place where the temperature stops decreasing with height and becomes constant.
    • The longest wavelengths are in the red area, decreasing through yellow, green, blue, to violet.
    • While employment figures continue to fall, their rate of decline has decreased.
    • Russian security unilateralism would decrease; consultation would increase.
    • By the time the job was done, the bedroom had decreased in area by four square metres.
    • Due to the farm crisis production in the rural areas has decreased by 25 percent.
    • Therefore, the wear rate of rhino teeth, in terms of crown height, may decrease exponentially with age.
    • We have seen an eighty per cent decrease in the number of firework injuries in the past two years.
    • Children from existing neighbourhoods will be affected by this catchment area decreasing.
    • Its height was decreased by about 6 metres and only one clock was left on the front of the building.
    • There has even been a two per cent decrease in the number of cars torched.
    • Industry decreased and the area was not as good farming country as some once thought.
    • When fertility decreased, the garden would be abandoned and a new patch of land burnt for use.
    • The leaping activity is higher in infested compared to non-infested fish, and is decreasing with size.
    • Calculations carried out by the team suggest bust and hip size have decreased while waist size has expanded.
    • In a few years when the amount of smokers has decreased - that is when we should ban smoking in public places.
    • Of course, students are still borrowing, but my advice has been that the average amount is decreasing.
    • Another reason why large towns and cities are generally warmer is due to decreased amounts of evaporation.
    • The rashes decrease when the temperature subsides, but during the recurrence of fever, they reappear in a virulent form.
  • 2

    (in degree, intensity)
    (quality) disminuir
    (quality) bajar
    (effectiveness/power) disminuir
    (effectiveness/power) decrecer
    (interest) disminuir
    (interest) decaer

transitive verb

  • 1

    we must decrease our spending on armaments debemos disminuir / reducir los gastos de armamento


  • 1

    disminución feminine
    descenso masculine
    crime is on the decrease la delincuencia está disminuyendo