Translation of deduction in Spanish:


deducción, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈdəkʃ(ə)n//dɪˈdʌkʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    deducción feminine
    descuento masculine
    he gets $260 a week after deductions gana 260 dólares semanales netos
    • This confirms that the account holder is a non-taxpayer and allows interest to be received without the deduction of income tax.
    • Automatic bill payment eliminates overlooked bills and the deduction is automatic; there's no need to contact us each month.
    • In Gee v. the Queen, the deduction of management fees was disallowed essentially because of lack of documentation.
    • The report was commissioned by the Tánaiste in December to examine the illegal charging of people in long-stay care in health board institutions through the deduction of pensions.
    • He paid £15,000 for the property, Briargate at Malahide Road, Swords, and the balance was taken through the deduction of estate agent fees.
    • But it is said by Mr. May that there is no evidence to support his conclusion or justify the deduction of 25%.
    • It would be appropriate to pay after deduction of tax.
    • Such income will henceforth be taxed in the hands of the recipients at the rates applicable to them, and will be subject to tax deduction at source at the rate of 10%.
    • The local Commissioners refused to accept the deduction of working charges and royalties.
    • A small screen on the turnstile shows that the deduction has been made.
    • This should be criminalised or the guilty party should be penalised through the deduction of votes, Sega newspaper reported.
    • But she will only receive a cheque for about £5,500 following the deduction of her own legal and medical costs.
    • Though no cost standards are provided in the minutes, it is mentioned that the profit was calculated after the deduction from revenue of all manufacturing costs.
    • It has dealt with, for example, shop trading hours in Kelly's Case, with the deduction of union dues in Alcan, with union badges in Archer's Case, and so forth.
    • Four years ago the Inland Revenue had a look at this automatic deduction of tax and estimated that over the past few years it had taken £300 million from four million people who should have paid no tax at all.
    • Most people work fewer than 250 days a year after the deduction of weekends, holidays, vacations, and sick leave.
    • Historically, the main advantages of investing offshore have been that returns are paid without any deduction of tax, and the authorities in your home country are told nothing about your wealth.
    • There is an important matter outstanding, in the shape of a Carrick appeal to the FAI against the deduction of three points in a game against Dungarvan.
    • All taxes fall on people, whether through deductions from income or in higher prices for goods and services.
    • The tribunal ruled the deductions from her wages were not unlawful.
  • 2

    (reasoning, conclusion)
    deducción feminine
    • Patricia's deduction of this fact prompts a chain of realizations.
    • Global learners, on the other hand, process information by deduction, reasoning from general conclusions or theories to predictions and explanations.
    • Rhetoric and dialectic rely on the same theory of deduction and induction.
    • You see, my sophisticated powers of deduction are unmatched.
    • But it is perhaps truer of Spinoza than of his contemporaries that his enterprise was one of radical deduction from first principles.
    • The first principles of a science are not subject to deduction from more basic principles.
    • Aristotle gave a system of logical deduction which was seen as the ultimate form for reasoning for many centuries.
    • Secondly, he argues in favor of hypothesis and deduction, that is, in favor of Milne et al.
    • Given that this isn't even his field, it was a virtuoso performance of clarity and deduction from first principles.
    • The intellectual method that they adopted was not Cartesian deduction from abstract first principles, but induction, based on careful, scientific observation.
    • In ordinary life it is rare indeed for people to form their beliefs by a process of logical deduction from facts ascertained by a rigorous search for all available evidence and a judicious assessment of its probative value.
    • The rules of deduction are rules of entailment, not rules of inference.
    • Albert is thus led to present a highly systematized theory of the forms of inference, which represents a major step forward in the medieval theory of logical deduction.
    • Proving was no longer a matter of transforming terms in accordance with rules, but a process of logical deduction from concepts.
    • Schopenhauer calls this a logical or formal truth, meaning simply one whose ground is based on deduction, rather than observation.
    • For one thing, it helps to explain how we come to know things via deduction.
    • No architect of these institutions has proceeded by deduction from general principles.
    • And it certainly seems to follow from the fact that this deduction is possible that I could not have done this thing.
    • He disputed Gettier's claim that any deduction from a justified, but false, proposition preserves justification.
    • The mathematician establishes results by logical deduction.