Translation of deep in Spanish:


profundo, adj.

Pronunciation: /dip//diːp/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (well/ravine) profundo
      (well/ravine) hondo
      (wound/gash) profundo
      (dish) hondo
      (pan) alto
      the ditch is 6 ft deep la zanja tiene 6 pies de profundidad
      • the deep waters of the river las profundas aguas del río
      • a deep pile carpet una alfombra de pelo largo
      • the deep end of the pool la parte (más) profunda / honda de la piscina
      • ankle-/knee-deep hasta los tobillos/la rodilla
      • the water's only ankle-deep el agua llega solo hasta los tobillos
      • we're waist-deep in work estamos con muchísimo trabajo
      • No one ever goes to the abyss because it's too wide and deep and creepy and cold.
      • One note of caution though, there is a very deep ditch near the tracks and if you get stuck in it it's a long ways to go for help.
      • Only in the shadows of deep cold craters could you expect to find any, frozen and hidden.
      • A series of relatively flat, broad steps climb to that valley of deep, cold snow.
      • It is an astounding architectural monument, rising like a crusty castle from a plain broken by deep, dramatic gorges.
      • The water is choppy, cold and deep - the chances are you can't even see the bottom.
      • Since it was built over a deep gorge, it was well protected against destructive forces.
      • The lake was deep and its surface smooth and flat.
      • Although it is fresh, enclosed water with average visibility of around 10m, it can be cold and deep.
      • We have lakes that are cold and deep and we have lakes that are larger than some European countries.
      • The mountain scenery was totally awesome with spectacular peaks, glacial rivers and deep mountain gorges.
      • Rocky gullets of white water open out into deep gorges where salmon lie waiting for water to continue their upstream journey.
      • Subsequently, the vehicle skidded off the road and fell into the deep gorge.
      • Everywhere there are clear jade rivers with deep natural pools, surrounded by sun-warmed granite boulders.
      • Just behind him, a deep trench has been cut in the pristine lawns and a team of archaeologists are busy scraping at the exposed soil.
      • Because it was narrow and deep, the gorge was seldom influenced by the weather outside.
      • There were none skilled in managing dog-sleighs and the horses very soon died in the cold, deep snow.
      • The steep cliffs tumble abruptly into the sea, scarred by deep gorges which drip with greenery.
      • Over millions of years, a small river had carved a deep gorge into the rock.
      • The river may look placid, but it is cold, wide, deep and fast-flowing.

    • 1.2(horizontally)

      (shelf/wardrobe) profundo
      the soldiers were standing 12 deep los soldados formaban columnas de 12 en fondo
      • the site is 100ft wide by 50ft deep el terreno tiene 100 pies de ancho por 50 de largo / de fondo
      • Eleanor made sure she was deep enough in the pool before she turned around.
      • After a time, when we knew that we were deep enough into the woods that other students wouldn't be around, we held hands.
      • Why is it impossible to pump water from very deep in the ground with a surface pump?
      • The grave generally is located in a riverbed or somewhere deep in the forest.
      • Last September we went to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, just in the general admission section which was deep in the woods.
      • The question remains regarding how to merge these surface and deep structures.
      • The frogs' eardrums are unusually deep in their skulls.
      • The lounge was a comfortable and well-appointed room deep in the bowels of the ship.
      • Though the bullets were too deep in his body to be removed, they didn't kill him.
      • Animals begin to colonize the basalt volcanoes when they are still deep beneath the sea surface.
      • As they went even deeper into the forest the creatures got more menacing looking.
      • I have also read that there are more accidents happening on these deep dives.
      • White grubs feed on roots deeper in the soil.
      • The bar and grill may be deep in the basement, but the friendly waiting staff and chilled music maintain an upbeat mood and create a warm atmosphere.
      • It helps to re-direct blood from the surface veins into the deep veins, and stops blood from flowing back out to the surface veins.
      • They inhabit all tropical and warm temperate seas, from the surface to moderately deep levels.
      • The focus this time around is on the extreme environments of the deep ocean floor and the weird and wonderful denizens that flourish there.
      • They have the ability to penetrate right into the deep layers of the skin and travel to various organs, glands and tissues of the body.
      • The cylinders will measure how much oxygen is consumed by organisms in the deep ocean.
      • I needed to know how deep in the forest he had been.

    • 1.3(broad)

      (border/edge) ancho

  • 2

    (groan/sigh) profundo
    (groan/sigh) hondo
    take a deep breath respire hondo
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    • 3.1(low-pitched)

      (voice) profundo
      (voice) grave
      (note) grave

    • 3.2(dark)

      (color) intenso
      (color) subido
      a deeper shade of red un rojo más intenso / subido
      • a deep tan un bronceado intenso
      • He had short golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes behind thin framed glasses.
      • The dress was a similar material to the other one but this time it was deep purple.
      • I sit on the ledge and watch the sun play with incandescent shadows of deep green, as red deer graze in the distance.
      • This contrasted against his dark brown skin, jet-black hair and deep brown, yet cold eyes.
      • As the shingles weather to a deep grey, the house appears from a distance to disappear into the forest.
      • Colors appear natural, blacks are deep and rich with only a minor lack of shadow detail.
      • The sky had become a dark shade of indigo, tinged with the remnants of deep magenta.
      • Todd could feel his cheeks blushing a deep crimson red as Rachel finished his question.
      • The first stars were already beginning to peek out of the deep blue, cold sky.
      • I open my eyes and there are her deep, cold, violet, malicious eyes, staring at me.
      • The colours are deep and rich and help set an operatic mood and tone for almost every scene.
      • The rest of the head is deep blue, extending in a line through the eye, giving the birds a masked appearance.
      • She had natural black hair and deep blue eyes that shimmered in the lighting.
      • It has a deep magenta color that contrasts well with the more dominant green and gray foliage colors of the garden.
      • They were a rather mysterious, deep blue, so much so that they nearly blended in with their pupils.
      • This colour can range from washed-out orange and light salmon hues to vibrant day-glow and rich deep cherry pinks.
      • The bruise on his neck was deep purple and was easily visible even with his collar turned up.
      • In the east the sky is deep dark blue and the stars are fewer and brighter.
      • The night was becoming a deep shade of grey as thunder rumbled in the distance.
      • Although the main stem is still thin and whippy, it is an attractive, shiny, deep purple in colour.

  • 4

    (sleep/love/interest) profundo
    (gaze/look) intenso
    (gaze/look) profundo
    in deep mourning de luto riguroso
    • it is with deep regret that … es con gran / profundo pesar que …
    • as the crisis grew deeper a medida que se agudizaba la crisis
    • there is deep suspicion that … existen grandes / graves sospechas de que …
    • to be in deep trouble estar en un buen lío
    • it left a deep impression on me me causó una profunda impresión
  • 5

    • 5.1(intellectually)

      (learning/thoughts) profundo
      • This is such an illuminating play and, at times, profoundly deep.
      • It seems a bit odd to try to package a fairly deep question in the context of a genre this fluffy and idiotic.
      • I think he had a deep understanding of military matters and of leadership.
      • Those who worked with him at the time have commented on his deep understanding of Canada and Canadian issues.
      • He has a deep understanding of their characters, reaching out across the centuries to touch them as if they were old friends.
      • I must also take notice of her deep understanding of Middle Eastern affairs, despite the fact that she has never lived there.
      • Any successful international expansion requires caution, patience and a deep understanding of the new market.
      • It is grave, sometimes eloquent, responsive to sorrow, filled with deep questioning.
      • It is a subject of deep discussion and occasional confusion.
      • A deep understanding of traditional music provides a firm foundation for his impressive body of work.
      • You can be effective in solving problems in society because you have a deep understanding of those problems and their origins.
      • After 25 years of deep thought, Roger believes he has answered the eternal question as to why we are here.
      • And Robin has sent a list of deep questions for us to answer - an interview he'll put on his very interesting site.
      • It has to be informed by a deep understanding of the period and its cosmology.
      • They like to have a deep understanding of how to do business.
      • Behind the spectacles and deep thinking there is a forceful man, who is tough to argue with.
      • They deserve deep analysis and consideration in an objective fashion.
      • He opens by wringing his hands and asking three really deep questions.
      • Of course this is a difficult test and requires deep study and travel throughout Africa.
      • The people are warm and welcoming with a deep awareness of the past and great pride in the richness of their culture.

    • 5.2(enigmatic)

      (mystery/secret) profundo
      you're a deep one tú eres un enigma
      • But it's very deep and mysterious and superbly written, and superbly translated too.
      • I've always wanted to meet you, you seem like such a deep person with a beautiful soul.
      • As you would expect from someone who has made a living in the movie capital for more than 30 years, he is neither a subtle nor a very deep man.
      • The struggles of the American writer to explain the deep mysteries of the British character are pure joy.
      • Do you understand what deep and metaphysical things he is trying to say?
      • They understood something very deep that we more secular types never learned.
      • Nothing deep or philosophical, you understand, just: how is this going to get better?
      • The world was scared of him, because he was too deep, or forthright, or brave.
      • But I shall say nothing about the deep and difficult problems this contention raises.
      • This turns out to be an argument which raises deep and difficult issues, and there is no consensus about the proper response to it.
      • I seem to remember getting into some fairly deep Samuel Beckett.
      • He tries to make me feel better by dressing it up in deep and intellectual language.
      • All in all there are plotlines and deep character developments that your average three year old just can't appreciate.
      • He was equally ready to discuss a problem with a first year student or a colleague, to work through an elementary point or puzzle over a deep problem.
      • For once the child was quiescent as if it were asleep, or pondering upon some deep enigma.
      • I'm a pretty deep person, and cruising gives me a chance to be alone and think.


  • 1

    (of penetration)
    to dig deep cavar hondo
    • they marched deep into the jungle se internaron / adentraron en lo más profundo de la selva
    • he thrust his hands deep in(to) his pockets hundió las manos en los bolsillos
    • feelings run very deep among the population hay un sentir muy fuerte entre la población
    • he looked deep into her eyes la miró fijamente a los ojos
  • 2

    to go deep/deeper (into sth) profundizar/profundizar más (en algo)
  • 3

    (situated far from edge)
    deep in the forest en lo profundo del bosque
    • deep in the subconscious mind en lo profundo del subconsciente
    • the roots of this trouble lie deep las raíces de este problema son muy profundas
    • deep down you know I'm right en el fondo sabes que tengo razón
  • 4

    (greatly involved)
    to be deep in sth
    • we're still deep in debt todavía estamos muy endeudados / tenemos muchísimas deudas
    • I found her deep in her book la encontré absorta / ensimismada en su libro
    • you can't back out now: you're in this too deep ya no te puedes echar atrás: estás metido en esto hasta el cuello
  • 5

    to drink deep of sth embeberse de / en algo


  • 1

    the deep el piélago literary
    • a monster from the deep un monstruo de las profundidades (del mar)
  • 2

    (most intense part)
    in the deep of winter en lo más crudo del invierno