Translation of deep-set in Spanish:


hundido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌdipˈsɛt//ˌdiːpˈsɛt/


  • 1

    (eyes) hundido
    • His deep-set eyes looked at me from under the dark muffler, through the jungle of unkempt moustache and beard.
    • Besides, this worker with his deep-set, brown shaded eyes and pale face looks more tired and overworked than anything else.
    • Behind dark lenses her eyes were deep-set, large, round, and they looked at Bob much too hard as she talked into his ear in short bursts: not in whispers but out loud, creating a disturbance.
    • His dark deep-set eyes were lost in thought and he traced a large, calloused finger along the straight edge of his jaw.
    • With his deep-set green eyes, and perfect chiseled features, Manda wasn't surprised why most girls in campus thought of him devilishly handsome.
    • The man stared at James with deep-set, piggish eyes but James continued to walk towards him, unperturbed.
    • He was extraordinary tall and broad of shoulder; his complexion was swarthy, and fierce black eyes glittered from deep-set sockets in his dark face.
    • There is something about Scott Thomas's deep-set eyes and blanched beauty that suggests even her affair is only a brief interlude in a damaged life.
    • Jerome looked at his brother with his cold, deep-set eyes.
    • Uygur women from Northwest China with large, deep-set eyes perform a cheerful dance every evening after 7 o'clock.
    • In Italy, Padre Pio's portrait, with its dark, deep-set eyes and salt-and-pepper beard, can be spotted in dry cleaners, taxis, post offices, and police stations.
    • His deep-set brown eyes studied them carefully.
    • With his deep-set eyes, square jaw, 1950s hair and tight-jeans-and-T-shirt image he bears more than a passing resemblance to his father.
    • Sitting regally and stiff-backed was a man clad in heavy red robes, his deep-set, half-lidded eyes inspecting Halas.
    • With her dark, deep-set eyes and initially rigid posture, she suggests a woman haunted by memory.
    • Cassara looked up and saw a lumpy-faced Bantowan staring at her with deep-set black eyes.
    • When he smiled, which was often, his fat cheeks bunched up under his deep-set hazel eyes, giving him the appearance of a happy chipmunk.
    • His deep-set blue eyes were on the clock above the light cedar wood door, a pencil in his left hand was ticking nervously away on his desk, and his long legs covered in black slacks were stretched out beneath his short writing table.
    • She feels deeply (as shown by her deep-set eyes) but her refined mouth is a sign that she is able to express her feelings, which minimizes her stress.
    • The other had shaved his head back to the skin, successfully pronouncing a severely-chiseled jaw line and deep-set eyes that were apparently incapable of anything but a most penetrating of stares.