Translation of deep six in Spanish:

deep six


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    to give sth the deep six botar algo River Plate Latin America
    • Among other things, the legislation deep-sixed restrictions that had forbidden banks from owning insurance companies and brokerages, and vice versa.
    • The government clearly had no use for the commission's 1979 report and deep-sixed it on arrival.
    • Today he is pressing the important story of the independent counsel report that some would prefer to see deep-sixed: ‘Coverup?’
    • To keep them quiet, they'd have to deep-six everybody who took part.
    • Well a big chunk of the famed New York subway system is getting deep-sixed, literally.
    • The fear that they would put audiences into narcoleptic slumber is probably why proposals for a TV channel to cover events at the world organization are often raised only to be deep-sixed.
    • A loss would deep-six his career and ruin his self-image.
    • Likewise, a promise to deep-six an auto-tax hike could also fall by the wayside.
    • What might have been an endurable serial killer flick is deep-sixed by superfluous scenes and atrocious writing.
    • Frankie and Johnny was deep-sixed by an unlikable heroine and a rather boring screenplay.
    • These are just some of the tools and techniques we need to explore and evaluate before deep-sixing search.
    • So even as NASA and its international partners build their brand-new space station Alpha, there is a detailed plan to safely deep-six the outpost when its days are over.
    • The bean counters deep-six one of your equipment purchase orders because they say it's too expensive.
    • They never really wanted to offend their corporate contributors, and now that the elections are over, they've deep-sixed any action to stop this tax scam.
    • The administration, of course, has already deep-sixed that one.
    • Robbins should have deep-sixed the sentimental scenes and given us more caricature.
    • I also deep-sixed a few sites whose content had taken an nosedive in the past two years.
    • It's time to deep-six ill-conceived ideas like this and relegate those who propose them to the dust bin of history.
    • If you totally deep-six the friendship, he will figure everything out - if he hasn't already.
    • The old notion of stretching first, when your muscles are cold, was deep-sixed long ago.