Translation of default in Spanish:


omisión, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈfɔlt//dɪˈfɔːlt/


  • 1

    (omission) omisión feminine
    (failure to appear) incomparecencia feminine
    Law rebeldía feminine
    they accept no responsibility for any act or default no aceptan responsabilidad por ningún acto u omisión
    • he won his case by default ganó el juicio en rebeldía del demandado
    • she won by default ganó por incomparecencia de su rival
    • The finance company is unable to repay their debenture due to defaults on their loan book, so they are unable to recoup their principal.
    • Additionally, defaults on loans could result in higher levels of bad debts.
    • Debt defaults are soaring and forced asset sales are exacerbating the decline.
    • In the interim, the number of defaults and debt reschedulings increased around the globe notwithstanding the specificity of each case involved.
    • However, the court did not simply find that the plaintiff's default raised a complete defence.
    • Some small insurers may not be able to make good on all their obligations if several defaults surface at once.
    • With collapsing technology shares and disintegrating manufacturing profits in an environment of general corporate over borrowing, there is now the clear specter of large-scale debt defaults.
    • That could lead to more mortgage delinquencies or defaults.
    • There are one or two ways of fine tuning the format, but the big issue is that defaults need to be avoided.
    • In 1998 KWP faced major defaults on a succession of sales to Italian buyers.
    • He also offered to consent to the discontinuance of the actions against the defendants other than Her Majesty, without costs and without prejudice to his right to rely on their alleged defaults in support of the claims against the Crown.
    • Banks in the creditor country may have branches or subsidiaries in the crisis country that lose money due to loan defaults caused by the crisis-induced recession.
    • The plaintiff undertakes not to enforce the judgment until default or other determination of the proposal.
    • That subsection does not distinguish between non-appearance and non-compliance defaults.
    • As the economy has improved and defaults have slowed, many decided they didn't need as much in reserve as they did in 2003, and presto, their earnings per share would rise a few cents.
    • The purpose of credit derivatives is to enable banks to transfer to a broader market the risk of defaults on corporate debt they've issued.
    • ‘The two biggest risks are default and recovery of loan to a defaulted company’.
    • This could cause defaults on debt repayments and require economic assistance from the international community.
    • Past attempts to understand student loan defaults have essentially drawn from four perspectives: economic, sociological, psychological, and federal.
    • Although the default rate for investment grade bonds is extremely low, there is a huge gulf between investment grade and sub-investment grade debt in defaults.
  • 2

    (by country, bank)
    impago masculine
    suspensión de pagos feminine
    the country is on the verge of default el país está al borde del impago / de la suspensión de pagos
    • she is in default on her mortgage está en mora en los pagos de la hipoteca
    • before noun default interest interés de mora
  • 3

    falta feminine
    the system was chosen by default el sistema fue elegido a falta de una alternativa viable
    • he was elected by default fue elegido por ausencia de otros candidatos
    • in default of directions from his superiors ... a falta de directivas de sus superiores ...
    • before noun default option opción por defecto

intransitive verb

  • 1

    suspender pagos
    cesar (los) pagos
    to default on a loan suspender pagos /cesar (en) los pagos de un préstamo
  • 2

    estar en rebeldía
  • 3

    no presentarse
    no comparecer formal
  • 4

    to default to sth ir por defecto a algo