Translation of defeat in Spanish:


derrota, n.

Pronunciation: /dɪˈfiːt//dəˈfit/


  • 1

    (by opponent)
    derrota feminine
    after their defeat of the rebels tras derrotar a los rebeldes
    • to suffer (a) defeat sufrir una derrota
    • they suffered (a) defeat at the hands of the Turks fueron derrotados por los turcos
    • to accept / admit defeat darse por vencido
    • He lost his job after a shock defeat at the local elections in June.
    • But despite this fact the party has been uprooted from the political arena with defeats in both the elections.
    • After the election defeat in May 2004, the Party has gone through a series of crises.
    • It's not helped by an Opposition that has failed to respect its time-honoured tradition of turning on and devouring itself after successive election defeats.
    • ‘The first 12 months after an election defeat are always difficult,’ Smith said.
    • The two election defeats were put down to an inability to convince the electorate that they could be trusted with the nation's finances.
    • Michelle has not let her recent defeat at the local elections dampen her spirits, and was, in fact, encouraged by the results.
    • They haven't even begun - after two election defeats!
    • They have made no progress between their landslide defeat in the 1997 election and their second defeat in 2001.
    • The 1940 election saw the defeat of then Mayor Telford.
    • Nixon's performance in this debate was in part instrumental in his defeat and the election of John F. Kennedy to the White house in the November 1960.
    • She was a representative for Dun Laoghaire from February 1987 until her defeat in the general election of June 1989.
    • They lived the illusion of victory in every one of their lost battles, and to this day we refuse to admit our defeats.
    • It was always going to be difficult to get all of us in the same city on the same day and despite frantic juggling we've had to admit a temporary defeat.
    • Election defeats are being interpreted by some as a referendum on the presidency.
  • 2

    (of motion, bill)
    rechazo masculine
    the motion suffered a defeat la moción fue rechazada
  • 3

    (of hopes, plans)
    fracaso masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (opponent) derrotar
    (opponent) vencer
  • 2

    (hopes/plans) frustrar
    we were defeated in our attempt to climb Everest nuestro intento de escalar el Everest se vio frustrado
    • it was lack of funds that defeated us fue la falta de fondos lo que nos hizo fracasar
    • to defeat one's own ends/purpose ir en contra de sus (/ mis etc. ) propios intereses
    • that would defeat the object / purpose of the exercise eso iría en contra de lo que se pretende lograr
  • 3

    (opposition/government) derrotar
    (motion/amendment/bill) rechazar
  • 4informal

    it defeats me no alcanzo a comprenderlo