Translation of defecate in Spanish:


defecar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛfɪkeɪt//ˈdiːfɪkeɪt//ˈdɛfəˌkeɪt/

intransitive verb


  • 1

    defecar formal
    • Usually the maid removes the bottom of the birdcage with a water-filled plastic container that the birds frolic in, almost always after defecating in it.
    • The functioning of the treatment plant is necessary, as the water from the hippo enclosure has to be cleaned at least once in five days, as the animal defecates in water.
    • While I am out at work, a neighbour's dog defecates on my doorstep with alarming regularity.
    • Drinking warm liquids in the morning is particularly helpful to stimulate bowel activity because your body naturally wants to defecate about a half hour after consuming a warm beverage.
    • It is a sad indictment of our times that in the twenty-first century, people in the developing world cannot access safe water and are filling bowls from streams, queuing at village pumps and defecating in ‘free range’ toilets.
    • ‘Anywhere anyone is defecating in the woods, you're at risk for viruses,’ he warns.
    • If a dog defecates in the parks, the person in charge of the dog shall remove the faeces and deposit it in a litter bin or other receptacle which may be designated for the purpose.
    • In this story, the first sago came from inside a man's body who defecated and the sago fell to the ground and became a sago palm.
    • It wrecks the ground, the fencing is pulled down, there are people defecating in the woods and everything,’ he said.
    • The outhouses were put here to keep people from defecating on the street.
    • She has received complaints about louts as young as 12 who have been setting fire to bushes, defecating and urinating on doorsteps, fighting, damaging cars and hurling a tirade of abuse at shoppers.
    • Deer walk around what you call the North Dakota / Saskatchewan border, eating on one side of it and defecating on the other, without ever seeing any sort of line.
    • There are no toilets on the site and residents complained last night that children are being exposed to the site of people urinating and defecating around the encampment.
    • They cleared the parthenium growing by the roadside, instituted a system of fines if someone is caught defecating near the road, and are negotiating with the government for funds to build toilets.
    • Eight-legged skin mites, for whom your shed skin is a perpetual feast, ride atop these skin flakes, munching and defecating and copulating and giving birth and dying.
    • Laws however, could not prevent people defecating in the open.
    • By daybreak, the elephants were gone, and in their place came a troupe of perhaps 60 baboons, some descending from the mopane trees to lift anything moveable, their pals defecating from a great height on the car.
    • Rosim and Misiono were swept away while they were fishing in Gentan River here while Mulyorejo was believed to have been dragged by strong currents while defecating in the swollen Mertalu River.
    • Good personal hygiene, including thorough hand washing after defecating and before handling food, is also very essential for preventing the spread of hepatitis A.
    • But people use these green lawns for defecating.