Translation of defend in Spanish:


defender, v.

Pronunciation: /dɪˈfɛnd//dəˈfɛnd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (country/territory) defender
    she knows how to defend herself sabe defenderse
    • to defend sth/sb from / against sth/sb defender algo/a algn de algo/algn
    • And you do not defend bigots by attacking people who refuse to listen to bigotry pretending to be substantive discussion.
    • Squadrons will create their own missions by attacking and defending their bases and getting their bases supplied - by whatever means necessary.
    • The Board was set up in 1760 to ‘protect, support and defend the interests and religious rights and customs of the Jewish community in the UK’.
    • Heavy guns were put into position on Singapore island to defend it against attack from the sea.
    • By the film's end, he finds himself in the painful position of defending the bridge from attack by fellow officers who want to destroy it to prevent Japanese trains from using it.
    • I did a terrible job of defending it against those attacks.
    • Now we call on him one more time to preserve, protect and defend our nation and all for which it stands.
    • The resolution of the attack depends upon the number of points that can be brought to bear in attacking and defending that territory.
    • I will protect and defend this country by taking the fight to the enemy.
    • Frontline, set up three years ago, works to protect and defend human rights workers in danger across the world.
    • When a citizen joins the military, he or she takes an oath to protect and defend the country.
    • He spoke to the Assembly and argued for the development of a military force capable of defending the city against attack from aggressors.
    • They would not attack you unless to defend their territory but can be quite aggressive to each other.
    • I was in Nicaragua in 1988 and saw small groups of soldiers defending each bridge from attacks - a very expensive undertaking for a small country.
    • In an attack it was awkward to move and set-up - but in defence it was a very dangerous weapon for anyone attacking a position defended by Vickers machine guns.
    • By defending their innocence and resisting fascism, the Rosenbergs literally broke the back of the Cold War.
    • Admiral Sampson urged him to attack the batteries defending the entrance to the harbor.
    • That day, military service men and women launched, sailed, soared, and landed in harm's way to defend America's home front.
    • Yet we had a treaty with Vietnam saying that if they were attacked, we'd defend them.
    • After the capture of Harfleur, he defended it against French attacks and was rewarded by promotion in 1416 to ducal rank.
    • He said private lawyers would also make the trial fairer since the government is the complainant in the case, the prosecutor and at the same time expected to provide lawyers to defend the accused.
    • She was defending a man accused of stealing his brother-in-law's car.
    • But counsel defending the father, explained that the child had run out in front of a car, placing himself in danger, and that the parents were at the end of their tether.
    • Merck & Co. is now defending an estimated 700 lawsuits brought against them in the US related to Vioxx.
    • Lawyers defending the accused would also be vetted, and vital evidence could be withheld from them to stop ‘sensitive’ information being made public.
    • Many European lawyers refused to defend the accused.
    • The question was whether the domestic Court of Appeal should properly have decided the case without trial counsel being allowed to defend the accused.
    • And speaking about defense attorneys getting ulcers trying to defend their clients, don't worry about this.
    • Uniformed lawyers now assigned to defend the detainees have become among the most forceful critics of the system.
    • In an opinion as to the prospects of an appeal, Mr Birnbaum QC, who defended the appellant at trial, stated that the summing up afforded no grounds for criticism.
    • The availability of an action by a client for breach of contract or negligence against his lawyer for the lawyer's conduct in defending or prosecuting a civil or criminal case is limited.
    • Hendrik Bottger, from Wales, successfully defended the title he won last year in a time of 2 hours, 36 minutes and 21 seconds.
    • Yorkshire successfully defended the team title to take gold and the Yorkshire women triumphed for the first time.
    • The inclement weather turned out to be the main disturbing factor for the tournament last year in which Magnus Norman from Sweden successfully defended his title.
    • South African flyweight champion Phumzile Matyhila, who has defended his title successfully for a number of fights, will now challenge for the light flyweight division title.
    • Norman again successfully defended his title.
    • Two years later they successfully defended their title, beating Juventus 6-1 in the final.
    • Young Tom defended his title successfully in 1869 and again in 1870, so winning outright the then trophy of a silver-adorned red Morocco leather belt.
    • If the champions are to defend their title successfully then there can be simply no more days like these.
    • Reigning champion Payne successfully defended his title when he beat the number one seed Jonathan Clark, to whom he had lost 3-2 on the only previous occasion the pair had met.
    • As things stand everything now points to the champions successfully defending their title.
    • He successfully defended his seat last year against the challenge of Conservative Derek Scholes, and will not come up for reselection until 2007.
    • He successfully defended his title at Glen View one year later, then repeated the feat, again at the Myopia Hunt Club, in 1905.
    • The council's own footballing heroes successfully defended their title in the European Municipal Cup in St Malo, France.
    • The town successfully defended the title it had won over the past two years with some splendid team performances.
    • The undefeated super middleweight champion defended his WBO title 14 times after beating Chris Eubank in 1997.
    • The girls are working towards several competitions, including defending their title at the UK Street Dance Championships in November.
    • A thrilling finish saw Hardy Eustace successfully defend his Champion Hurdle title, edging out Harchibald and Brave Inca on the line.
    • Victory in that bout could see Wharton face Sheffield's Clinton Woods, if Woods successfully defends his European title against Spain's Juan Perez Nelongo of Spain tonight.
    • The fanatical Fulham fan successfully defended his Southern title last February with a 10-round points success over Harrow's Matthew Tait.
    • They have successfully defended their title against 15 bands at the 18th annual Youth Brass Band Entertainment Festival of Great Britain.
  • 2

    • 2.1

      (person/ideal/cause) defender
      she was quick to defend him salió rápidamente a defenderlo / en su defensa
      • he said nothing to defend himself no dijo nada en su defensa / para defenderse
      • So on this occasion I write to defend you out of principle, not likemindedness.
      • Both men vigorously denied any wrongdoing, staunchly defended their men, and aggressively justified the customary practices of the department.
      • I have found myself defending this guy over the years, writing him off as a spirited, competitive coach doing wild, crazy things in the heat of battle.
      • They will defend him when he acts boldly to advance democracy and excuse him when he doesn't.
      • I was a little shocked at the fact that he was attempting to defend me.
      • Despite disagreeing with his colleagues, he has defended their right to speak out.
      • You seem to be in a double bind in that you can't really speak about defending yourself and yet the allegations against you seem to mount?
      • Should we defend Sligo's famous son or are the criticisms justifiable.
      • The Board of Trustees thinks it's entitled to speak for the whole community when it defends him.
      • She was quick to defend the people she wrote about and testified to her deep respect for them.
      • We thrill to their victories, commit their most heroic moments to memory, defend our favourite players with almost theological passion.
      • Kirby defended Alan and made excuses for his rude, harassing behavior.
      • What angered many of the townspeople most was Atticus's attempt to truly defend Tom.
      • She seemed speechless, so Carla spoke up to defend her.
      • The leaders have no clear policy to defend our people.
      • Jeremy said little, but I could tell by his expression that he considered defending Nick a more acceptable excuse than defending Jeremy himself.
      • My new mother did not dare speak out against my father to defend me.
      • Everyone adores money, why not the doctors, I asked, in a feeble attempt to defend my colleagues and take the easy way out of a pointless argument.
      • He's defended the country's pro-nuclear policy previously.
      • John explained the man would now defend him if anyone abused him.

    • 2.2University

      (thesis) defender

  • 3

    she hired a lawyer to defend her contrató a un abogado para que la defendiera
  • 4

    (reputation/title) defender

intransitive verb

  • 1

    actuar por la defensa
    Jones was defending and Smith prosecuting Jones actuaba por la defensa y Smith por la acusación
  • 2

    he's better at defending juega mejor como defensa