Translation of defer in Spanish:


diferir, v.

Pronunciation: /dɪˈfəː//dəˈfər/

transitive verb

  • 1formal

    diferir formal
    postergar Latin America
    she deferred making a decision aplazó la decisión
    • Sentence was deferred for six months until February 11.
    • A trial date was fixed for August 28 and sentence was deferred on the other matters until then.
    • The Government decision to defer the programme is to be hailed.
    • The elections were deferred and the Constitution and courts suspended.
    • I was figuring that he was not confident of winning such an election, and so deferred the poll to the latest practicable time.
    • The May Country Market is deferred and will be held on Sunday 15th.
    • It was decided at that meeting to defer the Reunion until 2005.
    • The latter case would effectively defer an ongoing debate in the territory over introducing greater democracy in the election system in 2007.
    • If follow-up education sessions are deferred, benefits may soon be lost.
    • Let's call it deferred failure, and pray for success.
    • Sentence was deferred until January 14, 2004, to allow him to attend the care and respect programme.
    • The judges deferred judgment until a later date.
    • As most of you may be aware, the seminar was deferred until the second week in February and I will let you know the details in the forthcoming weeks.
    • The Club has decided to defer its annual dinner dance to the New Year due to the on-going club commitments on the field of play.
    • The ceremony was deferred until further notice.
    • In such cases, one of the families may be asked to consider deferring their funeral until the following day.
    • It defers commencement by only a couple of months, but that couple of months is vital in terms of principle.
    • Laois County Council have deferred all meetings of Laois County Council until further notice.
    • Sentence was deferred for reports until June 5 and they were remanded in custody.
    • She confirmed that the parties had intentions to marry in the spring of 2002, but they did not have the money, so they deferred this event.
    • The Local Plans Panel deferred debate on the trust's plans.
    • If follow-up training sessions are deferred, benefits may soon be lost.
    • Last Thursday, a number of issues arose and after nearly three hours of debate, it was decided to defer the budget meeting.
    • He said the national executive agreed to defer the election to October 2, two weeks later than the original date of September 18.
    • I share your opinion of the marriage laws but not your conclusion that you must defer your wedding until Utopia arrives.
    • Leslie started his National Service on November 17, 1960, after deferring his conscription in order to complete his apprenticeship as a printer.
  • 2

    Finance (liabilities/charges/taxation) diferido
    Finance (shares) de dividendo diferido
    Law (sentence) aplazado
  • 3US

    he was deferred on medical grounds/for two years le concedieron una prórroga por razones médicas/de dos años