Translation of deficient in Spanish:


deficiente, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈfɪʃənt//dɪˈfɪʃ(ə)nt/



  • 1

    (nutrition/supply/vocabulary) deficiente
    (supply/nutrition/vocabulary) insuficiente
    he felt he was somehow deficient as a husband sentía que de alguna manera fallaba como marido
    • he's mentally deficient es (un) deficiente mental
    • to be deficient in sth carecer de algo
    • foods deficient in vitamins alimentos de bajo contenido vitamínico
    • a plan deficient in imagination un plan carente de imaginación
    • Women use them as a yardstick for measuring their own attractiveness, thus arriving at a warped perception of their own physical attributes as being hopelessly deficient.
    • A balanced diet ensures that the athlete will take in enough nutrients so that he or she will not be deficient in any of the electrolytes needed to maintain normal muscle function.
    • An attack of inherited angioedema is treated with an injection of the C1 inhibitor, the substance that your body is deficient in.
    • But, as children currently eat 50 per cent less fish than they did during the Second World War, it is thought that most youngsters are deficient in Omega 3.
    • A study of more than 600 elderly women has found that many are deficient in Vitamin D, a substance formed in the skin during exposure to the sun.
    • In Being and Time Heidegger says that being along is a deficient or defective mode of being.
    • Farm research continues to revolve around NPK - nitrogen, phosphorous and potash - the three major plant nutrients that the soils are largely deficient in.
    • Johnstown Castle Research Centre indicated that more than one-third of the tillage land was seriously deficient in the critical trace elements, copper, zinc and manganese.
    • Phosphorus is the second most likely nutrient to be deficient in the soil for good corn yields.
    • The major problems seem to be fragmentation, deficient base in popular constituencies and insufficient links between civic and political efforts.
    • Over 2000 cases have been reported, reflecting the sensitivity of that growing gland to radioactive iodine, especially in children already deficient in iodine.
    • And doctors also say an enzyme that helps breakdown sugar in the body, which is deficient in many diabetics, may also have an adverse effect on mental ability.
    • The summer growing season of kenaf corresponds with low quality forages deficient in protein in the Southeast.
    • At that time, a forensic pathologist in New Zealand said that the service was short of staff, the overall funding was deficient, and there was no allocation to train people properly.
    • Bitumen - a form of heavy, thick oil laden with sulphur and deficient in hydrogen - can be refined into synthetic crude oil to make everything from gasoline to plastics.
    • Similarly, she has not observed or complained about any deficient workmanship in the insulation and drywall and she believes that none exists with respect to her residence.
    • The rapidly growing yearling is further jeopardized when twice daily feedings are already marginal or deficient in protein quality.
    • Instead, if an adult is deficient in vitamin D and not getting enough calcium, calcium is drawn out from the bones, which causes osteoporosis.
    • I told myself that my attitude, knowledge, and skill cost a patient's life and I was deficient in all those qualities that a doctor should have.
    • The report accuses prosecutors of conducting deficient investigations or presenting inadequate evidence at the trials.
    • The failure of the Board to execute works is attributable to deficient planning with the result physical achievements fell short by 57 per cent.
    • Both novels are occasionally limited by deficient character and plot development.
    • The range at which identification can be reliably accomplished by these means, relative to weapon range, is marginal in daylight and deficient during periods of limited visibility.
    • The survey revealed that 30 per cent of the students were deficient in Vitamin A and B, and 17.75 per cent had iron deficiency.
    • She blames deficient preparation and insufficient commitment on the part of the school, but she also notes impediments in the exams themselves.
    • In fact many people in this country are deficient in vitamin D, which is made when sunlight hits the skin; children and old people especially are at risk, as it helps make strong healthy bones and teeth.
    • Anyone with a history of, or predisposition towards, kidney stones should ensure their diet does not become deficient in calcium, as, by binding with oxalates in the gut, this mineral can help prevent stones forming.
    • Security management at the base was called deficient and lacking cohesion.
    • In short, his conception of natural justice is deficient both in its theoretical structure and in its practical consequences.
    • A friend has told me there is some suggestion that children who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may be deficient in iron.
    • The scientists exposed mice deficient in both genes to a second carcinogen, DMN, which is also found in smoke but also in beer, fish meal and some preserved meats.